Zheng Wencan said that the allocation of 6,000 yuan to people's accounts on April 1st is an independent decision of each bank.

(Photo by reporter Cai Shuyuan)

[Reporter Cai Shuyuan/Taichung Report] The 6,000 yuan general cash payment is planned to be credited to the account on April 6. Zheng Wencan, vice president of the Executive Yuan, said today that there are currently more than 7 million online registrations. The financial company originally allocated the funds on March 31. To each bank, the reserved work time will be allocated to the account on April 6 at the latest. Now the bank information system is highly mature. The eight major public stock banks will enter the account today, the post office will enter the account tomorrow, and three private banks will announce the account entry today.

In response to the controversy caused by Wangdao Bank’s early entry yesterday, Zheng Wencan said in an interview that it was Wangdao Bank that entered the account first yesterday. He also issued a statement of apology yesterday. He emphasized that it is the independent decision of each bank to allocate to the account on April 1.

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