The 2nd Democracy Summit initiated by US President Joe Biden took place, and Digital Development Minister Tang Feng was invited to deliver a video speech for the forum.

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[Reporter Xu Ziling/Taipei Report] The 2nd Democracy Summit initiated by US President Joe Biden took place, and Digital Development Minister Tang Feng was once again invited to participate.

In her speech at the forum, Tang Feng shared Taiwan's experience with democratic partners, including the vision of the Ministry of Digital: Resilience to Resilience, Industrial Resilience, and Social Resilience. She also talked about promoting "news co-prosperity dialogue" and promoting cooperation between multinational digital platforms and Taiwan's news industry.

On the afternoon of March 30, Eastern Time, Tang Feng made an opening speech for the third session of the "Strengthening Technology for Democracy" Regional Forum hosted by the 2nd Democracy Summit in the United States. The theme of the session was "Shaping Emerging Technologies to Ensure Respect for Human Rights and democratic principles".

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Tang Feng said that since the first democratic summit in December 2021, the world has undergone major changes. Russia’s illegal aggression in Ukraine has shocked the world. As democratic partners adapt to the new reality and strive to promote digital resilience, Taiwan, as the most reliable partner It looks more and more dazzling.

In 2022, she co-signed the "Future Internet Manifesto" with her 60-country partners, solidifying shared values ​​and deepening her commitment to democratic allies.

Tang Feng pointed out that the digital department is the core of this vision, and the core goal is to achieve "digital resilience for all", which includes three levels: resilience to strain, industry resilience, and social resilience.

Tang explained that "resilience" enables effective responses to various crises, including cyber-attacks and natural disasters.

For example, the cyber attack that occurred during the historic visit to Taiwan last year by former Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi attempted to undermine public trust in Taiwan's democratic system, but failed.

In the face of emerging threats such as interactive deepfake, the Digital Department integrates information security energy from all walks of life, introduces the principle of zero trust, and incorporates emerging satellite operators into multi-network backup communications to ensure critical infrastructure in emergency situations Facilities will continue to operate as usual.

In addition, the digital department website adopts the emerging technology of Interplanetary File System (IPFS), so that everyone can contribute network bandwidth to provide backup.

"Industrial Resilience" focuses on promoting the digital transformation of various industries and cultivating a resilient industrial ecology.

Taiwan has a highly advanced IT industry, a world-class semiconductor supply chain, and extensive experience in dealing with cyber threats.

Through global standards such as SEMI E187, the "Made in Taiwan" brand has been promoted as a symbol of tenacity and reliability, creating a solid shield for democratic partners.

Social Resilience empowers civil society in conjunction with global democratic networks.

The Ministry of Digital Technology, the Ministry of Culture, and the Communication Council (NCC) formed an inter-ministerial group to launch a news co-prosperity dialogue, inviting transnational digital platforms and representatives of Taiwan’s news industry to discuss ways of mutually beneficial cooperation.

Tang Feng pointed out that accurate news reporting is the cornerstone of democracy, and digital literacy requires citizens with insight and discernment.

In the face of authoritarian expansion, the democratic camp must respond to destructive challenges in order to protect the balance between social well-being and individual freedom.

We should not stop at formulating protective measures, but also embrace the trinity of "participation, progress, and security" and create new situations through the power of crowd wisdom.

Tang Feng said that the overall vision of the digital department is "multiverse": co-existence, code-carrying interoperability.

Once people from all over the world can establish a unique and common interactive space, they can express their voices across ideological gaps and reveal common values ​​at a glance.

We call on our democratic partners to pursue digital resilience side by side with Taiwan, and to show the world the tenacity of democracy.

The 2nd Democracy Summit led by the United States was held from March 29th to 30th. This year, it was hosted by Costa Rica, the Netherlands, South Korea and Zambia. speech at the forum.

Tang Feng also attended the Democracy Summit online as a member of the Executive Yuan in 2021, sharing Taiwan's successful democracy story with the world.

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