Zhongmeijing hired Chen Zhenqian as the general manager.

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[Reporter Zhang Huiwen/Taipei Report] Zhongmeijing (5483) announced that today (31) the board of directors decided to appoint Chen Zhenqian as the general manager from April 3, and will take advantage of Chen Zhenqian's talents in strategic planning and operation management of multinational companies to lead the company. Both the renewable energy and semiconductor businesses of Meijing Group are growing vigorously.

Chen Zhenqian served as the executive director and senior partner of KPMG Anhou Jianye United Accounting Firm, and also served as the director and executive director of the Financial Research and Education Foundation, a consortium legal person, with rich qualifications.

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Zhongmeijing pointed out that Chen Zhenqian's rich academic background covers professional fields such as accounting, law and business management, and he has rich practical experience, covering financial management, tax planning, corporate mergers and acquisitions, capital market financing and listing of large domestic and foreign companies (Taiwan, the United States) , Hong Kong and Singapore) and the establishment of enterprise risk management mechanisms, etc., has also participated in many multinational projects, including renewable energy, semiconductors, media, information and communication industries, and led international teams to assist multinational companies in establishing business models, transactions and operating procedures Risk analysis and management mechanism.

In addition, Chen Zhenqian is familiar with US and international accounting principles and tax laws, company laws and securities laws and other relevant regulations, and provides precise strategic advice for group corporate restructuring, holding structure design, and governance structure operation.

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