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We will listen to the demands of the protesting farmers, we will ask Brussels for additional measures to ensure corridors for the export of Ukrainian grain, Minister of Agriculture Yavor Gechev told journalists in Vidin

Yavor Gechev was born on June 10, 1978 in Plovdiv.

He is an engineer-agronomist by education.

In 2001..

Measures related to European legislation are needed, because we cannot solve this problem in Bulgaria.

I want it to be clearly heard in Brussels that the countries that are closer to the conflict in Ukraine are paying a much higher price and solidarity in Europe should also be towards its own farmers, Gechev said.

I hope Europe will react quickly, he said.

As a member of the EU, we comply with European legislation.

Bulgaria is the second country on the corridor for the export of Ukrainian grain, the first is Romania, Gechev explained.

That is, if we stop the import of Ukrainian products, it means that we are violating European legislation.

We have nothing to do, said the minister.

Therefore, the demands of the farmers are such that Europe should react, and that in relation to the corridors, the Minister of Agriculture also stated.

Sunflower imports from Ukraine have increased 20-fold in one year, and no market can absorb such additional quantities.

The market in the Black Sea region has been unbalanced for a year and even if the war stops tomorrow, it is unlikely to recover soon, because the export of grain by ships through the Black Sea has become expensive and because of the high insurance costs, explained Gechev.

The import of other products has also increased - dry milk, eggs, fruits and vegetables, which also creates problems and is a reason for protests by producers, said Yavor Gechev

Yavor Gechev was born on June 10, 1978 in Plovdiv.

He is an engineer-agronomist by education.

In 2001, quoted by BTA. 

Hundreds of grain producers from the regions of Burgas, Varna and Dobrich gathered today at a protest between the border checkpoint "Kardam" and General Toshevo.

A column of agricultural machinery blocked traffic.

There are also protests in other places in the country.

Nearly 100 heavy agricultural machines from the regions of Silistra, Targovishte, Yambol, Sliven and Razgrad are at the protest in Silistra, in which fruit growers and livestock breeders from the region also joined.

The grain producers went out in protest

Grain producers want an end to the duty-free import of Ukrainian goods into the European Union, to protect Bulgarian production and to sell Bulgarian production at fair prices, said Iliya Prodanov, vice-president of the National Association of Grain Producers.

About two million tons of sunflower are produced in our country every year.

No more than 5-10 percent of them have been realized so far.

That is, almost all the production of the Bulgarian grain producers is in the warehouses.

About four million tons of wheat are also pending, he added.

According to him, at the moment the purchase price of the production is about 40 percent below the cost price.

In the case of sunflower alone, the losses amount to about BGN 800 million, says Prodanov.

"In just two months, we will enter a campaign. We will harvest about six million tons of produce. Where will we collect it? How will we realize it? Everyone from this region expects rents from our colleagues. How will they give these rents? That's over two billion per year, which the sector gives to landowners. This is a resource that enters the country's budget," said Nikolay Kirov, chairman of the Regional Union of Grain Producers in Burgas.

At the Sofia Commodity Exchange, grain quotes were slightly lower last week.

The "selling" price of bread wheat continues to be relatively high - from BGN 620 to BGN 730/ton, but buyers pay far less - BGN 400/ton.

More than 5,800 tons are sold, buyers are also looking for large quantities - more than 5,600 tons.

Announcements for the purchase of fodder barley are between BGN 410 and 430/ton, corn is sought at the level of BGN 420-440/ton.

There are requests for the purchase of oilseed sunflower locally at prices of BGN 770-800/ton, but the sellers do not offer the goods.

All prices are without VAT. 

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