The Financial Supervisory Commission promotes the "joint negotiation" platform for institutional investors, and the "Catcher Clause" will be launched next year (data photo) 

[Reporter Wang Menglun/Taipei Report] A few days ago, foreign capital (institutional investors) jointly expressed different opinions on Catcher's dividend policy, which aroused the attention of the outside world; It is discussed to promote the "joint agreement" platform for institutional investors, and this measure is expected to be launched next year.

The Financial Supervisory Commission released the "Action Plan for Sustainable Development of Listed Companies (2023)" yesterday. The platform” is also regarded as a “producible clause” by the outside world, but the Financial Supervisory Commission emphasized that it has already been planned and discussed.

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The Securities and Futures Bureau stated that stakeholders play an important role in promoting sustainable development of enterprises. Therefore, they will collect foreign practices to jointly discuss cooperation laws and amend the code of due diligence for institutional investors in 2024; it is expected to be established by CHEP in the future. Jointly discuss the platform, so that institutional investors can register on the platform and put forward opinions on matters that listed counter companies should improve.

A few days ago, foreign investors were dissatisfied with Catcher's low profit distribution rate, and then jointly signed a joint request to amend the company's articles of association, etc., which is a type of "joint negotiation".

An official from the Securities and Futures Bureau said that joint negotiation is a very important force to assist the sustainable development of enterprises. The so-called unity is powerful, and companies usually respond to and improve the common requirements of institutional investors; however, in order to avoid intervening in the management rights In order to compete, it is necessary to collect foreign practices, and it is expected to be on the road as soon as next year.

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