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Grain producers organized a protest near the "Danube Bridge" checkpoint near Ruse, blocking the traffic in the area of ​​the border crossing with agricultural machines.

According to them, the reason for the dissatisfaction is the greatly deteriorated competitiveness of Bulgarian agricultural producers due to the liberalized trade in agricultural goods with Ukraine, the difficult situation in the "Agriculture" sector, the lack of the usual market activity on the part of traders to purchase Bulgarian grain and oil crops.

According to the protesters, the market prices in the last few months of all mass-grown grain and oil crops do not cover the costs of their production.

Therefore, the agricultural producers insist that the validity of the European Union regulation concerning the duty-free import of goods of agricultural origin from Ukraine should not be extended for Bulgaria.

Grain producers go out in protest

The chairman of the Thracian Union of Grain Producers, Radoslav Hristov, said that about 40 percent of the production produced last year in Bulgaria is sitting in warehouses.

"The question is where will we store the new produce as the harvest will start in three months.

We are here because Brussels does not hear our voice," Hristov said.

Milen Koev - Chairman of the Regional Union of Farmers "Danube Grain", stated that the purpose of the protest is to protect Bulgarian production.

"In the Ruse region, about 50 percent of the production - wheat, corn, sunflower - is lying in the warehouses.

In other years, we have sold almost everything by this time.

The market is very difficult.

The prices they offer us are very low and we are at a loss, said Koev.

He stated that the protest will continue in the next two days.

The protesters raised banners with the words: "Stop the genocide of agriculture", "We want to be competitive farmers", "Bulgarian land feeds the Bulgarian people", BTA reported.

There will also be demonstrations near Vidin, Silistra and Kardam.

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