Virgin Orbit (Virgin Orbit) announced on Monday (27th) that it will extend the suspension period.

(Schematic, European News Agency)

[Financial Channel/Comprehensive Report] In deep financial crisis, the aerospace company "Virgin Orbit" founded by British billionaire Branson (Richard Branson) suspended operations for nearly half a month to raise funds for life , Monday (27th) announced the extension of the suspension period again.

"CNBC" reported that Virgin Orbit CEO Dan Hart sent an email to employees on the 27th, saying that the company needs to extend the shutdown and unpaid leave period so as to have more time to negotiate capital injection with investors.

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Hart also said in the letter that investment discussions over the past few days have been "quite lively" and ongoing, although it has not yet reached the stage where a full update can be provided.

However, according to people familiar with the matter, foreign media previously reported that Virgin Orbit was close to reaching a US$200 million (approximately NT$6 billion) private equity investment agreement with Texas venture capital Matthew Brown, which was broken over the weekend.

Virgin Orbit declined to comment on the report.

The stock price of Virgin Orbit closed at US$0.54 on the 27th, a decrease of 33.03%.

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