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Kuanyu watched Q2 music, movies, and concerts at the same time.

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〔Reporter Zhang Huiwen/Taipei Report〕Release the blockade and invest in concept stocks of eating, drinking and playing!

Cultural and creative stock Kuanyu (6101) has seen a surge in revenue this year. Looking forward to the second season, it will include music, movies, and concerts. It is expected to deliver even more brilliant results.

Affected by the epidemic, Kuanyu International’s revenue in 2021 will only be nearly 20 million yuan, and last year’s revenue returned to nearly 56 million yuan, but it still showed losses after tax, with a loss of 0.35 yuan per share.

However, as the epidemic gradually unsealed, Kuanyu’s revenue in January this year soared to 205 million yuan, setting a record high in a single month. The cumulative revenue from January to February was 231 million yuan, an annual increase of 4.65 times; Kuanyu said, The following season 2 can be said to be music, movies, and concerts. It is expected that the revenue will be even higher.

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Kuan Yu pointed out that in March, the only new single "Parting Is Always So Sudden" was released exclusively by Diva Zhang Huimei in 3 years, and she also obtained the copyright of Amei's new song. , adding a fierce general.

In addition, following the great success of "Big Tail Bass Eel 1 & 2", Kuanyu has also obtained global distribution rights for the movie "Fast Life", which is expected to be released on April 27 (Thursday); as for the concert, Wang Leehom's concert will be After the end of the show in the United States, it will be staged in Bangkok, Thailand. Jack Thammarat, who is known as the "Guitar God" in Thailand, will help out. I look forward to a bright box office.

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