Xu Shubo, chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, said in an interview that this year there will be a delegation to Eastern Europe, and it is expected to visit Czech Republic, Lithuania, Poland and other countries that are friends with Taiwan.

(Photographed by reporter Liao Jianing)

[Reporter Liao Jianing/Report from Taipei] Recently, Taiwan-Czech relations have continued to heat up after the Speaker of the Czech House of Representatives, Markéta Pekarová Adamová.

As for whether there is room and business opportunity for the Chinese food industry to further expand cultural exchanges with the Czech Republic?

Xu Shubo, chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, said that the established goal this year is to definitely go to Eastern Europe. After the Taiwan-Czech direct flight in July this year, the first group will go to the Czech Republic, and other Taiwan friendly countries Lithuania and Poland will also visit.

Our country has close economic and trade exchanges with China, but China's various means of "coercing the government with the economy" have also made Chinese companies suffer a lot. At the same time, it has also prompted the companies to think about the possibility of finding another way, looking for business opportunities in other markets to reduce the risk of going to China.

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The General Chamber of Commerce held a press conference today for the return to Taiwan of the economic and trade exchange delegation to China in March. Chairman Xu Shubo said frankly that Taiwan is highly dependent on China, which is difficult to change in the short term. The city was hit hard by the lockdown.

He also admitted that the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council of course still emphasized the 1992 Consensus this time. Now Taiwan does not agree with or even approve of the 1992 Consensus. communicate.

As for whether there is room for promoting economic and trade exchanges between my country and the Czech Republic, Xu Shubo said in an interview after the meeting that there will be a delegation to Eastern Europe this year, and the Czech Republic will be among them. Next, they will first call on the economic and trade representative offices of foreign embassies to discuss and plan Taiwanese business visits. The details of the group's visit to the local area for negotiation and matchmaking will be announced later. "The established goal is that we will definitely go." In addition to going to Eastern Europe, we will also go to the Middle East to explore business opportunities.

The Ministry of Communications also stated today that direct flights between Taiwan and Czech Republic will start in July this year, and Taoyuan Airport is expected to fly directly to Prague Airport in July, with two flights a week.

People from all walks of life also expect that the direct flight between Taiwan and the Czech Republic will drive two-way tourism exchanges, increase opportunities for people of the two countries to communicate, and also benefit the promotion of more in-depth economic and trade cooperation between the two countries.

Xu Shubo also announced that Taiwan and Prague are expected to have direct flights in July this year, "Then when it is possible to go directly, I will go to the Czech Republic for the first flight!" He also added that Lithuania and Poland may also go there.

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