The Industrial Technology Research Institute assisted Juju Group in creating Taiwan's first self-developed "AI High-precision Bicycle Riding Adaptation System" to help each rider obtain the optimal riding experience.

(Provided by ITRI)

〔Reporter Hong Youfang/Hsinchu Report〕The world's leading bicycle giant giant group recently announced the Dynamic Cycling Fit (DCF) dynamic bicycle setting system, with a unique wireless bluetooth electric simulation car, double-sided 3D dynamic cameras, single-sided 2D APP, customer Customized insoles and innovative immersive scientific experience help each rider find the most suitable bike model, size and component matching in a systematic way, and provide personal bicycle settings. The Industrial Technology Research Institute stated that it plays a key role in the DCF project , the Institute assisted Huge Group in building Taiwan's first self-developed "AI High-precision Bicycle Riding Adaptation System", hoping to help the domestic bicycle industry to more accurately grasp market demand and drive a continuous jump in the output value of 100 billion yuan.

Huang Xinjiao, executive director of the Central Branch of the Industrial Technology Research Institute, said that with the special subsidy from the Technology Department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Industrial Industrial Technology Research Institute has long invested in cross-domain research and development of the sports technology industry, driving the value-added manufacturing of software and hardware integration.

This time, with the theme of national riding sports, and through the theme of riding adaptation system (Bike fitting) to enter the bicycle industry, assist Juju Group in the cooperative development of Bike fitting dynamic measurement, which can not only assist users in the follow-up of outdoor riding performance Having a better experience to avoid injuries can also increase the professional value of the manufacturer's brand and the sales of peripheral parts, assist domestic manufacturers to launch value-added services for riding, enhance the international competitiveness of the industry and drive new business opportunities for the industry.

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According to the latest data from the Statistics Office of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan's bicycle output value from January to October 2022 will reach 182.4 billion yuan, surpassing the annual output value in 2021, with an annual increase of 26.4%, and continuing to hit new highs throughout the year.

As consumers become more and more health conscious, cycling is regarded as a healthy, energy-saving and carbon-reducing way of exercising.

Therefore, to choose a bicycle that can be ridden for a long time, comfortably and for a long time has become an important issue.

Zhang Shijie, director of the Institute of Electro-optic Systems of the Industrial Technology Research Institute, said that the "AI High-precision Bicycle Riding Adaptation System" can prevent riders from riding in wrong postures for a long time. Through AI visual recognition technology and high-precision simulation devices, the system can quickly identify the rider's whole body22 Each joint point can accurately measure the best angle and distance of each joint point, with an accuracy of over 92%.

Finally, according to the system analysis results, select the appropriate frame, seat cushion, pedals and handlebars, etc., so that when each rider interacts with the bicycle, he can avoid sports injuries or discomfort caused by improper frame or parts, and obtain the best experience. Optimized riding experience.

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