Lin Jiayu and Su Shuxing, the founders of Bafang Yunji, were sued for stock trading. The academy gave the couple a chance of probation after considering that both husband and wife pleaded guilty and returned the proceeds of crime.

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[Reporter Wen Yude/Taipei Report] Lin Jiayu, the founder of Bafang Yunji, bought the stock of the OTC company Chuanfei (1516) six years ago and was locked up. He asked his wife Su Shuxing to cooperate with short-term stock trading, so that the stock price returned from 15.45 yuan to 20.45 yuan. Illegal The profit was more than 3.89 million yuan.

The Shilin District Court considers that both husband and wife pleaded guilty, but seriously disrupted the order of the trading market. According to the crime of buying high and selling low securities in the Securities Exchange Law, Lin was sentenced to 1 year and 10 months, and Su was sentenced to 1 year and August. The public treasury is 5 million and 2.5 million yuan.


The Shilin District Prosecutor's Office sued that Lin Jiayu and Su Shuxing knew that Chuanfei Company had no profitable subject matter at the time of the incident, and the net value per share had been declining year by year since 2015. The stock of Chuanfei Company, which was falling, took advantage of the characteristics of low share capital, stock price and daily trading volume to carry out short-term stock speculation for about one month from January to February 2018, bringing the stock price from 15.45 yuan to 20.45 yuan. The profit is 3,890,320 yuan.

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During the investigation by the prosecution, Lin Jiayu confessed that "sell with the left hand and buy with the right hand". At the end of 2017, he lost a lot of money because he bought Chuanfei shares and was locked up. Sell ​​the stock after calculating the price.

Su Shuxing also admitted to committing the crime, saying that she followed Lin Jiayu's instructions and cooperated in buying the shares of Feichuan Company.

Prosecutors believe that shortly before the stock trading period of Lin Jiayu and his wife on January 5, 2018, Chuanfei Company announced that its revenue in December decreased by 54.68% compared with last year, and there were also news reports on November 23, 2017 that Chuanfei Company 500 million yuan has been emptied, and the relevant judgment has been finalized; therefore, the stock of Chuanfei Company was not supported by good news at that time, but Lin Jiayu and his wife speculated on the stock price.

The prosecutor therefore determined that Lin Jiayu and his wife both violated the crime of continuously buying high securities under the Securities Exchange Law, but asked the court to consider Lin Jiayu's automatic return of all criminal proceeds and reduce his sentence.

The Academy of Scholars announced today that both the husband and wife admitted to the crime and returned all the proceeds of the crime. They were admitted to be remorseful and had a good attitude after committing the crime. However, the husband and wife seriously disrupted the order of the trading market and caused serious harm to the investing public. Therefore, according to the law, Sentenced separately and given a chance of probation.

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