The first white paper on Taiwan's IC design industry policy was released, putting forward six suggestions.

(Photo by reporter Hong Youfang)

TSIA: Do not favor foreign manufacturers 6 Suggestions to compile at least 10 billion to support local industries

[Reporter Hong Youfang/Hsinchu Report] The Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association (TSIA) released the "Taiwan IC Design Industry Policy White Paper" yesterday, which is the first policy white paper initiated by the IC design industry in Taiwan's semiconductor industry; Six suggestions are put forward from the three aspects of the operating environment. The industry is particularly concerned about the problem of talent shortage, and hopes that the government will not favor foreign manufacturers. It should learn from the United States to support local companies, attach importance to Taiwan's local IC design industry, and help the industry to fully upgrade through IC design.

The white paper puts forward six suggestions, including planning and promoting the semiconductor strategy at the national level; adopting proactive budgeting to strengthen the driving force; expanding the cultivation of IC design talents and attracting overseas talents; re-examining the policy of foreign companies setting up R&D centers in Taiwan; strengthening IC design Mastery and deployment of core technologies; assist industry players in consolidation and internationalization to promote industrial upgrading.

For the government's budget, MediaTek Chairman Cai Mingjie believes that it needs to reach at least 10 billion yuan.

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Hidden worries such as lack of talents, market share in 2026 may be overtaken by China Super

The white paper pointed out that Taiwan is a key player in the global semiconductor industry. Among them, the IC design industry, due to high manpower investment, high R&D investment and other success factors, will drive an output value of about US$40 billion in 2022, accounting for about 18% of the global market. Although there are only five employees in Taiwan's IC design industry.

20,000 people, but contributed 29% of Taiwan's semiconductor output value and 2.

4% of GDP (gross domestic production); however, there are also hidden concerns such as the efforts of various countries to support the semiconductor industry, the rapid rise of Chinese companies, the serious shortage of domestic talents, and the handful of companies investing in advanced technologies/products. Active actions are urgently needed, otherwise The market share of Taiwan's IC design industry will drop to 17% by 2026, and it may be overtaken by China's 18%.

Gu Dawei, executive deputy general manager of MediaTek, pointed out that the amount of subsidy given to the semiconductor industry in the United States is more than that of Taiwan, and it is increasing continuously. He is definitely not talking about the position of a single company, and hopes that the government can provide more help to the industry; Wu Bingchang, CEO of Hi-Vision Optoelectronics, said that Taiwan is not only short of IC design talents, but also lacks talents for cultivating talents. It is hoped that the government will pay attention to the cultivation of talents in the IC design industry and other issues, and help the industry to upgrade in an all-round way through IC design.

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