In the second round of dialogue between the news industry and large digital platforms, Meta and the news industry failed to reach a consensus.


[Reporter Xu Ziling/Report from Taipei] The Digital Department held the second round of dialogue between the news industry and large digital platforms today (28th), with Meta and the news industry communicating.

However, compared to the two major consensuses reached by Google and the news industry yesterday, Meta and the media have no consensus today, and Meta's attitude is tougher than the first round of dialogue.

The news industry regrets that Meta has not responded specifically to Taiwan's news industry and demands.

The meeting was jointly held by the Digital Department, the Ministry of Culture, and the Communication Council (NCC), and representatives from the Fair Council and the National Science and Technology Council also participated.

Meta sent 4 representatives, and the 4 major media associations including Taipei Newspaper Association, Taipei Magazine Association, Republic of China Television Society, and Republic of China Satellite Radio and Television Business Association sent a total of 8 representatives to attend the meeting.

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The news industry advocated at the conference that news has a price, and Meta has long used my country’s news media content collection to make profits. The report shows that 45% of Chinese people read news through Meta (Facebook), and Meta should pay a reasonable fee to share the profits, which are obtained from Taiwan and used for Taiwan; however, Meta has yet to specifically respond to the plight and demands of Taiwan's news industry, and the news industry regrets this.

In addition to calling on the government to speed up the progress of legislation and integrate opinions from all parties in various ways, the news industry also calls on Meta to respond positively to media appeals and establish benign mechanisms such as promotion and profit sharing under the partnership mechanism as soon as possible, as well as a fair and reasonable payment for common prosperity. Let’s work together to improve the ecological environment of my country’s media industry; and quickly implement a fast-stop partnership mechanism to jointly combat piracy, content farms, fraudulent use, copyright cockroaches and other issues, and regularly discuss and deal with the results.

Compared with the wording of the first round of meetings, Meta’s attitude this time is a little tougher. Meta advocates, “Before Facebook was founded, the operation of the newspaper industry has been facing increasing challenges. Since the past century, the newspaper industry has Long-term efforts to adapt to changes in new technology".

Meta stated that “Facebook does not take the initiative to obtain content or links from news publishers on the Internet.” Because news publishers can benefit from social platform diversion, they make business decisions and independently choose to share on social platforms links to its content.

"For Meta, the value of news content from traditional news publishers is limited and continues to decline. Less than 3% of the posts seen in the Facebook News Feed are posts with news links."

Meta emphasized that it will focus on the "core business" and respond to the needs of the public, because the content that most users are currently interested in is not news links, but creator content. At the same time, it promises to invest resources to support the development of the digital content ecosystem, including supporting the first Three-party fact-checking program, AR augmented reality hackathon and digital content creation academy, etc.

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