U.S. President Joe Biden signed an executive order the day before the Democratic Summit, prohibiting U.S. government departments and agencies from using commercial espionage software developed by domestic and foreign companies that may pose national security risks or be abused globally to threaten human rights.

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pose a national security risk, or be abused to threaten human rights

[Compile Lu Yongshan/Comprehensive Report] The United States will host the second Democratic Summit on the 28th. President Biden signed an executive order the day before the summit, prohibiting US government departments and agencies from using research and development by domestic and foreign companies, which may constitute national security. risk, or is misused around the world to threaten human rights; the White House said the ban was a "foundational" initiative for the summit.

Biden signs executive order ahead of Democratic summit

“The proliferation of commercial espionage software presents clear and growing counterintelligence and security risks to the United States, including the safety and security of U.S. personnel; it is intended to protect national security because A growing number of foreign governments around the world have deployed this technology to aid in repression and human rights abuses."

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Biden's signing of the executive order comes at a time when foreign apps are coming under increased scrutiny in the United States, including a bill being pushed by U.S. lawmakers to ban Chinese short-form video platform TikTok.

Spyware is malicious software that intruders use to secretly gain access to a victim's phone, steal data and record calls and messages; companies such as Israel's NSO Group have developed and sold such surveillance software to governments to help them track terrorists Molecules and other major criminals.

But human rights experts say some governments are misusing the technology to target journalists, pro-democracy activists and political opponents.

Under the executive order, U.S. government departments and agencies are prohibited from purchasing spyware from certain companies, without specifying those companies.

The White House issued a statement stating: "U.S. government personnel stationed abroad have been targeted by commercial espionage software, and untrustworthy suppliers and tools may pose serious risks to the security and integrity of U.S. government information and information systems"; the U.S. government previously found out that The devices of 50 U.S. government personnel working abroad in ten countries have been confirmed or suspected to be targeted by commercial espionage software.

Biden's executive order is not a blanket ban on commercial espionage software, but any software deemed to pose a risk to U.S. national security or be abused politically by other governments; and other U.S. government agencies to develop spyware.

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