Tong Zixian, chairman of Pegatron, attended the smart city exhibition today.

(Photo by reporter Fang Weijie)

[Reporter Fang Weijie/Taipei Report] Pegatron (4938) announced today that it will display three generations of servers at the 2023 Smart City Exhibition, targeting key technologies such as 5G communication technology, edge computing, artificial intelligence, and satellite communications. Chairman Tong Zixian said , in the category of smart cities, Taiwan has demonstrated its soft power and can become a good global partner.

Pegatron’s new server application scope covers related products and solutions in the two fields of digital resilience and smart manufacturing. The customized 1U server for 5G mobile base stations can connect to mid-orbit satellites through the Microsoft (Microsoft) Azure Space system (MEO) or low-orbit satellite LEO), which can be widely used in data link backup scenarios such as security and disaster relief, remote communication, forestry or ocean.

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In addition, the Pegatron Ellington server is a 2U server with the 4th generation Intel (Intel) Xeon scalable processor, which can be flexibly equipped with 24 NVMe SSDs, or 16 HDDs plus 8 NVMe SSDs to cope with the 5G private network. The different storage requirements at the edge can also support dual graphics processors to support the transportation needs of artificial intelligence. It has been successfully applied in the Pegatron Xindian factory.

Pegatron's third new-generation server, Luigi, uses the AMD EPYCTM 9004 series server processor, which is a highly flexible edge computing server that can meet different application needs.

Pegatron continues to cooperate and expand applications with Microsoft and Intel, and jointly demonstrate applications such as green energy saving systems and information security protection with other industry partners. Tong Zixian mentioned that foreign guests have visited the smart city exhibitions over the years, and the lineup includes many countries. The chiefs and relevant representatives of important cities are actually the achievements of Taiwan's diplomacy.

As for the reason why Taiwan Smart City Exhibition can attract foreign guests, Tong Zixian believes that this is Taiwan’s soft power. In view of the domestically developed semiconductor and information and communication industries, Taiwan is already a good partner in the development of smart cities around the world. In related fields We can make friends, and as digital transformation continues to advance in the future, Taiwan's digital resilience is expected to be different from the past.

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