[Central News Agency] In order to promote the cooperation between Taiwan and Japan in the digital transformation and green transformation of the tourism service industry, and to pursue the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Business Development Research Institute of the Foundation and the Japan Tourism Information Distribution Organization held a cooperation memorandum of understanding (MOU) signing ceremony in Tokyo today.

According to the press release of CDRI, Xu Tiancai, chairman of CDRI, and Norio Shikata, chairman of JTREC, signed a memorandum of cooperation at the ANA Intercontinental Hotel in Tokyo today.

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The content includes assisting Taiwan to participate in the United Nations’ participation in sustainable tourism and the digital transformation of the tourism industry through cooperation, and maintaining the smooth flow of Taiwan’s participation in the United Nations Trade Promotion and Electronic Commerce Organization (UN/CEFACT) through special channels, so as to strengthen Taiwan’s sustainable development in the United Nations. Make specific contributions to the mutual coordination of business technical standards such as tourism, smart transportation-related cross-border service process simplification, and data exchange, as well as participation in interoperability plans.

Witnessing the signing of the memorandum of cooperation, there are more than 40 Taiwanese and Japanese political and business people including former Japanese senator and president of the International Tourism and Cultural Exchange Association Mr.

Xu Tiancai emphasized that the Taiwan-Japan cooperation foundation established this time will not only expand cooperation to meet the United Nations tourism standards, but also propose to jointly promote the "Taiwan-Japan Tourism Common Market" to create tourism economic recovery for both sides after the COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) epidemic.

In addition, the Business Research Institute will combine the rich experience of Taiwan and Japan in promoting "local creation" as a basis, and use the latest digital transformation and ESG (environmental protection, social responsibility, corporate governance) sustainable transformation methods to promote local characteristic industries and environmental ecology. Protection, cultural diversity and tolerance, friendly service and high experience value realize the ideal of "Gastroeconomy" and promote Taiwan to become a world tourist island.

In order to promote the high-quality and top-level tourism business connection between Taiwan and Japan, expand the Japanese people's high-end tourism consumption in Taiwan and shorten the deficit, and look forward to the high-end tourism market, gain insight into Japan's high-end tourism development model and business opportunities for cooperation, the first Taiwan-Japan Forum will be held immediately after the signing ceremony of the cooperation memorandum. High-end tourism forum.

Li Chunlin, President of Lion Travel Agency Japan Branch, Guo Chenghe, Chairman of Changchuan Information Company, Watanabe Atsushi, President of Sumitomo Group SCSK Service Ware, Suzuki Yoshio, JTREC Consultant and UN/CEFACT EP Tourism Program Co-host, Lingdong Technology Xiong Wanjun, associate professor of the university and co-host of the UN/CEFACT Sustainable Tourism Project, and Kazuyoshi Itagaki, director of Watanabe Electric Company and chief editor of the UN/CEFACT Sustainable Tourism Project, participated in the forum.

The 6 people respectively put forward their experience sharing and suggestions on three major themes, including looking forward to the high-end tourism market, connecting with sustainable tourism standards, and expanding top-level tourism in Taiwan and Japan.

In the second half of the forum, the Business Research Institute and JTREC also assisted the bilateral top industry exchanges and business matchmaking.

Taiwanese industry players present included travel agencies such as Lion, New Lianhua, New Asia, Hiroya, KKday International, Grand Hotel, Nanfangzhuang Resort Hotel, Jiangjie Golden Tulip Hotel, Changchuan Information, Aiwei Boutique wedding dresses, Taiwan Green Tourism Association, Department of Tourism, Lingdong University of Science and Technology, etc.

Japanese industry players include All Japan Hotel Alliance (ANHA), Sumitomo Group SCSK Service Ware, International Tourism and Cultural Exchange Association, Payke, Tokyo Tourism Foundation (TCVB), Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), International Tourism Association (JAFIT), etc.

Xu Tiancai led a high-end tourism exchange delegation to visit Japan's high-end tourism industry and develop strategic partnerships with potential industry players, hoping to bring new possibilities for the recovery and reversal of Taiwan's tourism industry.

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