Chinese Minister of Commerce Wang Wentao tried to appeal to the person in charge of Asmol, and the two sides should jointly maintain the stability of the global semiconductor industry chain and supply chain.


[Financial Channel/Comprehensive Report] Chinese Commerce Minister Wang Wentao tried to reassure the head of ASML that Beijing remains a reliable partner even as the Dutch government imposes new restrictions on the export of advanced semiconductor technology.

On the 28th, Wang Wentao met with Peter Wennink, the global president and CEO of Asmol, and called on both parties to jointly maintain the stability of the global semiconductor industry chain and supply chain.

According to a statement from the Chinese government, Wang told Wimperider at a meeting on Tuesday that he hoped ASML would maintain its confidence in investment and cooperation with China and make a significant contribution to economic cooperation between China and the Netherlands.

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The tone appeared to be conciliatory after the Netherlands announced a ban on the use of advanced ASML exposure machines used to make semiconductors amid an escalating battle for global wafer supplies.

ASML, which has a near monopoly on the world's most advanced chip equipment, has been banned from selling its most advanced machines to China and now faces new restrictions on other cutting-edge equipment.

Chinese officials also hosted foreign business chiefs, including Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook and Samsung Electronics Chairman Jay Y. Lee, at a high-level China Development Forum this week, trying to reassure them that despite tensions between Beijing and Washington, Remains committed to international cooperation.

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