Platforms for generative artificial intelligence, including the ChatGPT chatbot, can cause "serious tremors" in the labor market, announced the authors of a study conducted by experts at the American investment bank Goldman Sachs. , BTA reported. 

Analysis of the US and European labor markets has shown that two-thirds of jobs could be automated, at least to some extent.

In most of the occupations at risk in the US, artificial intelligence could partially replace between 25 percent and 50 percent of employees, the analysts concluded.

They indicate that globally, up to 300 million jobs could be affected by the advent of artificial intelligence.

However, its use could also boost labor productivity and "over time" lead to an increase in global gross domestic product of up to 7 percent, the Goldman Sachs report said.

It states that some jobs will be more affected by AI than others.

For example, occupations requiring heavy physical labor are less likely to be significantly affected.

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In the US, the largest share of jobs that could most quickly be automated are in support administrative activities in the private and public sectors (46 percent), legal (44 percent), followed by positions in architecture and engineering activities (37 percent).

In the financial business sector, 35 percent of jobs may be replaced, according to Goldman Sachs experts.

Data for Europe paint a similar picture.

The most affected by artificial intelligence may be work positions in auxiliary administrative activities (45 percent), and the least - those related to crafts (4 percent). 


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