THE MINISTER OF MINING, Dr. Dotto Biteko, has asked the small miners and mineral traders in the country to stop complaining and instead be responsible for following the guidelines, policies, rules and laws of the country.

The statement comes following complaints submitted by leaders of small-scale miners asking the government to reconsider the 2 percent income tax they pay to the National Revenue Authority (TRA).

Minister Dr Biteko said this today while speaking at a tree planting ceremony in Geita region, which is a national campaign coordinated by the National Mining Corporation (Stamico).

He said the Government of the Sixth Phase, under President Samia Suluhu Hassan, is fulfilling its responsibility to ensure that small miners run their businesses well, so they should fulfill their obligations.

He said that the biggest complaint of the miners was the lack of electronic receipts (EFD), when they buy services and that is why the government through the Ministry of Mines proposed a revenue levy.

"The miners themselves told me, it's better to put a special charge on us called income tax, so that TRA doesn't bother us, I didn't invent that, last year they introduced a two percent income tax.

"Mr. President said no, you have to go and agree well, this year we told the TRA about going to collect tax without going after the small miners to stop it

"Now instead of discussing the best way to do it, you are taking too much time to complain, what we can do is remove the income tax, prepare to pay income tax TRA."

Previously, the President of the Federation of Small Miners' Associations (FEMATA), John Bina has asked the government to review the income tax for small miners due to the high production costs.

The Member of Parliament for Geita State in the city, Constantine Kanyasu has said that the taxes that go to the gross income may weaken the small miner, so it is good that a review of the new tax should be done.

"This matter needs a lot of research, it needs a lot of cooperation with the stakeholders, we have no objection to the government increasing the tax, but we really want the tax to be found in the right place."