Since the cumulative increase in prices has exceeded 5%, the Ministry of Labor announced that the relevant living allowances and subsidies for occupational disaster workers will be increased from May 1 (photo by reporter Li Lianghui)

[Reporter Li Lianghui/Taipei Report] Since the cumulative growth rate of the consumer price index will reach 5.31% in 2022, which has reached the requirements of the "Occupational Accident Labor Protection Act", the Ministry of Labor has announced that the standards for various living allowances and subsidies for occupational accident workers will be adjusted. From May 1st, including "Occupational Disease Living Allowance", "Disability Living Allowance", "Vocational Training Living Allowance" and "Nursing Allowance", all will be increased in accordance with regulations, among which "Vocational Training Living Allowance" will be increased 800 yuan is the most, followed by a monthly increase of 700 yuan in "Nursing Subsidy".

The Ministry of Labor announced today (27th) that according to the "Occupational Accident Labor Subsidy and Issuance Measures", when the cumulative growth rate of the consumer price index reaches plus or minus 5%, the "Occupational Accident Labor Protection" must be adjusted starting from May of that year. The amount of living allowances and allowances paid on a monthly basis as stipulated in Articles 8 and 9 of the Act.

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According to the Ministry of Labor, according to the latest 2022 consumer price index released by the Bureau of Accounting and Accounting of the Executive Yuan, the cumulative average is 102.95. Compared with the cumulative average of 97.76 in 2018, the cumulative growth rate is 5.31%, which has exceeded 5%. Therefore, starting from May 1, 2023, the monthly subsidy amount of various benefits will be increased.

In the "occupational disease living allowance" part, the monthly increase ranges from 200 yuan to 500 yuan, taking "the degree of disability in line with the labor insurance disability benefit standard 1 to 3 level, and loses all working ability" as an example , the original monthly payment amount has been increased from 8,700 yuan to 9,200 yuan on May 1, and the increase has reached 500 yuan.

For the "Disability Living Allowance" part, if the degree of disability reaches the first level to the third level of the labor insurance disability benefit standard, and loses all working ability, the monthly benefit amount will also be increased from 8,700 yuan to 9,200 yuan; if part of the working ability is lost And the degree of disability meets the second to seventh grades of the labor insurance disability benefit standard, or the workers who meet the first grade after the merger upgrade, the monthly benefit amount is increased from 6,200 yuan to 6,600 yuan, and the monthly increase is 400 yuan.

As for the "vocational training living allowance", the monthly living allowance is increased from the current 14,800 yuan to 15,600 yuan, an increase of 800 yuan per month; the "nursing allowance" is also increased by 700 yuan from 12,400 yuan, and the monthly raised to 13,100 yuan.

The Ministry of Labor stated that, including workers who are currently receiving benefits, as well as workers who claim related allowances and subsidies in accordance with regulations, the claim amount will be increased from May 1 according to the announcement.

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