Alibaba founder Jack Ma has returned to China after nearly a year abroad.


[Financial Channel/Comprehensive Report] Alibaba founder Jack Ma has returned to China after traveling abroad for nearly a year.

The news was reported by Alibaba-owned South China Morning Post and China's state media China Star on Monday (27th), followed by a school founded by Jack Ma in Hangzhou in 2017.

The Nikkei reported that Ma Yun returned home unexpectedly after a long-term overseas trip.

On Monday, Ma visited Yungu School, a private school covering kindergarten to high school, and discussed with teachers the impact of the artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT on the education industry, according to Hangzhou School WeChat.

"We need to use artificial intelligence to solve problems, not be controlled by artificial intelligence," he said.

Jack Ma, who started his career as an English teacher, has also said he will return to teaching after announcing his retirement from Alibaba Group Holding in 2019.

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Jack Ma and his corporate empire have been under intense pressure from the government since October 2020, when he attacked China's financial regulators in speeches and criticized the financial system as outdated.

The crackdown has resulted in Alibaba being fined more than 18 billion yuan and suspending a planned initial public offering of affiliate Ant Group.

Since then, Jack Ma has basically disappeared from public view.

He has spent several months in Japan over the past year and has also been seen in Thailand, Hong Kong and Australia.

Ma's return to China may help convince observers of Beijing's support for the private sector, but remains to be seen.

Ma ceded control of Ant Group in January, and his effective operating voting power in the company fell from 53.46% to 6.2% as Beijing demanded that the company distance itself from Alibaba Group.

Ant Group has been pursuing a series of sweeping reforms following Beijing's restructuring order.

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