Farmship uses AI to improve vegetable production and efficiency.


[Financial Channel/Comprehensive Report] "Nikkei Asia" reported that Farmship, a Japanese agricultural start-up company, uses artificial intelligence (AI) to develop automatic seedling selection technology, evaluate the growth potential of spinach seedlings, increase production and efficiency, and reduce food loss.

Farmship is developing automated seedling selection technology through information science company Pi Material Design.

The technical system includes two parts, one is to estimate the height, width and weight of the seedlings planted in the plant factory through photos; the other part is to use the index developed by Farmship to predict the future growth potential.

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Firstly, through evaluation, the seedlings with obvious poor growth are eliminated, and then the seedlings with growth advantages are selected from them to make the harvest more efficient.

In the experiment, the proportion of normal growing seedlings increased from 54% using the original method to 80%. Farmship's goal is to realize the automation of smart planting within 2 years and use this system to lay the foundation for future vegetable factories.

The company said that by changing the database of the AI ​​model, the system can also be applied to other leafy vegetables, hoping to shorten the growth cycle.

In addition to improving production capacity and efficiency, the AI ​​technology can also estimate the market price and weight of vegetables in the project.

At present, the market size of vegetables grown in Japanese domestic plant factories is 20 billion to 30 billion yen (approximately NT$4.642 billion to 6.963 billion).

According to research firm Global Information, the global plant factory equipment and systems market will grow significantly, reaching US$172.5 billion (approximately NT$5.23 trillion) by 2026.

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