China's economy is weak, so we have to appeal to Western investment banks again to give them the green light to give investment banks an incentive to enter the Chinese market. Some people are still "baited."

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[Financial Channel/Comprehensive Report] Orville Schell, director of the Center for Sino-US Relations at the Asia Society, said that Xi Jinping believes that "the east rises and the west falls" is a fact, baring his fangs to bully Australia and Lithuania, arbitrarily sanctioning European parliamentarians, and insulting the whole world Europe.

Recently, Xi also turned to Western investment banks, giving them the green light to give investment banks an incentive to enter the Chinese market, and some people were still "baited."

However, as the decoupling of China and the West becomes more extensive, some US companies and foreign capital still do not see the huge geopolitical risks that come with relying on China. Now they should wake up quickly.

Diplomatic war wolves bite many countries under economic bullying

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Xia Wei, director of the Center for Sino-US Relations at the Asia Society, accepted an exclusive interview with Project Syndicate to analyze Xi Jinping's domestic and foreign affairs and future Sino-Western relations.

Xia Wei believes that the distrust between the United States and China is increasing almost every day.

Now, with the Sino-Russian alliance established, the world is splitting into two hostile camps.

Xia Wei explained that in the past few decades, the global economy has developed rapidly, and everything seems to be a win-win situation.

This is based on an assumption: “As long as we continue to engage with China, the CCP will be more integrated into the international market and reduce confrontation with the democratic political system.” The end result is that the United States has trade dependence on China, especially in manufacturing, rare earths, and lithium. , cobalt and some pharmaceutical products, even in some technical fields.

After China's economy improved, Xi Jinping believed that China was rising and the West was declining, so he changed China's foreign policy to adopt an aggressive and bullying posture to show China's wealth and power.

As many countries get a taste of what it's like to be treated as "wolf warriors" by China, political leaders in some countries are beginning to question whether China is merely friendly.

First, Canada detained Huawei Meng Wanzhou for violating sanctions against Iran, and China retaliated by detaining two Canadians for nearly three years on trumped-up charges.

Then Australia advocated a traceability investigation of the epidemic, and China banned Australian barley, lobster, beef and wine.

China has also unscrupulously bullied the Czech Republic, Lithuania and other countries, imposed arbitrary sanctions on members of the European Parliament, and insulted the whole of Europe.

Wall Street takes the bait as China's economy collapses

Recently, Xi Jinping has been paying attention to Western investment banks, offering them all kinds of new special rights to let investment banks set up financial entities and wealth management departments in China.

Even as U.S.-China hostilities intensify, some companies are still hooked and see no direction for the wind.

Moreover, China now wants to develop its own electric vehicle industry and does not want to rely on Musk anymore. It is obviously overly dependent on China, which is accompanied by huge risks.

Xia Wei mentioned that Xi's belligerent rhetoric on the Taiwan Strait, declaring that he would not rule out an invasion of Taiwan by force, led Washington and Europe to regard China as the initiator of destabilization.

It was Xi Jinping's bared teeth that forced governments around the world to consider whether they are too dependent on China, and the US chip bill was born.

Xia Wei believes that some business leaders still do not believe that the era of "engagement" is over, the wind of decoupling is getting stronger, and even China may eventually conflict with the United States.

He reminded that business leaders must wake up. It will be too late to formulate Plan B when China invades Taiwan or a military conflict occurs in the South China Sea.

Xia Wei is still choking, I personally think that Xi has gone too far, and he doesn't realize that he is creating disasters for China and the world.

He is like a character in a Greek tragedy, megalomaniac.

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