The Brazilian President was originally scheduled to visit China on the 26th, but due to a diagnosis of pneumonia, the trip will be postponed.


[Financial Channel/Comprehensive Report] As the United States continues to escalate its siege on China's technology and is trying its best to crack down on its semiconductor chip development, it is reported that although the United States is trying to block contact with China in this field, Brazil will still seek Chinese technology and investment. To develop the semiconductor industry in South American countries.

Reuters reported on Friday (24th) that Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva will visit China, and semiconductors will be the focus of this trip.

Celso Amorim, former Brazilian foreign minister and now Lula's foreign policy adviser, said: "Brazil cannot afford to take sides in the growing tension between China and the United States. Lula's trip will seek China's role in promoting Brazil's sustainable development." Continued development and cooperation in the digital economy.”

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Amorim also said that Brazil and China are preparing to revive the CBERS (China-Brazil Small Satellite Project Agreement) in 1988, and at the same time sign an agreement on the production of communication and microelectronic equipment.

In this regard, the US government stated that it does not want Brazil to have any connection with China's production of electronic products, because this will affect Brazil's plan to produce semiconductors.

Amerim said that he doesn't care about these, if the United States is interested, it can put forward more and better conditions, and we will cooperate with them."

When asked about the U.S. not encouraging China-Cuba cooperation, Amorim emphasized that Brazil has no particular preference for Chinese semiconductor factories. It is just because the other party offers better terms, so there is no reason to refuse. "We are not afraid of the big bad wolf."

Brazil aims to balance relations with major trading partners through a pragmatic foreign policy.

Amorim said Brazil does not believe the world is divided between China and the United States, nor will it adopt either of their ideologies.

Lula was recently diagnosed with mild pneumonia.

The Presidential Palace announced today that Lula has canceled the high-profile trip to China due to health reasons, and the visit originally scheduled for 27 to 31 will be rescheduled in the future.

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