Former Money101 CEO Zhou Chunru returned to the parent company Hyphen Group and was promoted to the chief marketing officer of the group (picture provided by Money101)

[Reporter Wang Menglun/Taipei Report] The financial technology company Hyphen Group, the parent company of the financial comparison platform Money101, released the latest news today (24th). She is also the group's first Taiwanese executive.

Hyphen Group is a financial technology company jointly invested by PCCW (PCCW) and Richard Li. Its main business is in six major markets in Asia, including Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan.

Mainly engaged in the development and operation of financial comparison websites, which provide comprehensive comparison and management tools for insurance, credit cards, personal loans and other financial products.

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Among them, Money101 is a Taiwan company of Hyphen Group (formerly known as CompareAsiaGroup).

Zhou Chunru returned to the hyphen group and was promoted to the chief marketing officer of the group. He will be stationed in the headquarters of the hyphen group in Singapore and report directly to the president Prashant Aggarwal. His business scope covers the promotion of major Asian markets, the leadership team, the establishment of strategic partnerships with brands and partners, and the maintenance of the group's business growth .

Hyphen Group explained that in order to continuously improve the transparency of Asian financial information and meet the financial needs of users, two senior executives were recruited to return to the pot: one is Zhou Chunru, the former chief executive of Money101, who has senior management experience in the digital industry and advertising public relations in North America and Asia. Hui Guo was promoted to the chief marketing officer of Hyphen Group; the other two were former Money101 business development associate Chen Junming with a diverse marketing background, who served as the marketing director of Money101.

"The Asian market has strong growth prospects and has promoted the latest technological development of the digital financial application ecosystem." Zhou Chunru said that we must continue to innovate and provide more accurate information to consumers to ensure that Hyphen and Money101 continue to be the best for financial institutions Partner preferred.

Why was Zhou Chunru promoted to the chief marketing officer of the group?

Hyphen Group explained that she has more than 20 years of rich marketing experience. She used to be the general manager of Warner Music. In the era of focus marketing, she is good at speaking with data; Experience, let the topic continue to ferment in the group, triggering the market heat to reach the result of large-scale diffusion.

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