The post-epidemic revitalization budget has been passed, and the Ministry of Labor estimates that travel agencies can significantly reduce unpaid leave for 2-3 months (photo by reporter Li Lianghui)

[Reporter Li Lianghui/Taipei Report] The Ministry of Labor announced the latest statistics on work reduction and rest (commonly known as unpaid leave) today. The outlook on the economy is still uncertain; due to the passage of the third reading of the post-epidemic special budget and the continuous increase in foreign tourists, the Ministry of Labor expects that the number of unpaid leave in the support service industry (travel agencies) will be significantly reduced in the next 2 to 3 months.

The Ministry of Labor announced today (24th) the statistics on the reduction of working hours negotiated by both employers and employees. A total of 2,384 institutions have implemented the reduction, with a total of 17,844 employees.

Compared with the 2,339 houses and 17,674 people in the previous period (16th), the number of houses increased by 45 this time, and the number of people increased by 170.

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Huang Weichen, director of the Labor Conditions and Employment Equality Department of the Ministry of Labor, analyzed that the implementation situation this week has only slightly changed compared with the previous period. The increase is mainly in the support service industry, accommodation, catering, transportation, storage and other industries, but most of them are due to renewal.

The public institutions and the number of people are mainly concentrated in the metal electromechanical industry in the manufacturing industry. Most of them are machine tool manufacturers, but there are no leading manufacturers.

Huang Weichen said that at present, most manufacturing companies still have an uncertain attitude towards the future prosperity. Therefore, even if they are implemented, most of them will only be implemented for one month, and they will be observed later.

Coupled with the peak season for recruiting talents during the graduation season, the industry does not want to implement a large number of unpaid leave at the same time as recruiting talents, so they are relatively cautious.

Due to the passage of the third reading of the post-epidemic special budget, there will be assistance measures for the domestic demand industry, coupled with the continuous increase in foreign tourists, and the group tourists will also be opened in the future. Huang Weichen expects that in the next 2 to 3 months, there will be support services. Unpaid leave has been significantly improved.

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