Minister of the Interior Lin Youchang said in an interview that he would formulate measures to respond to the central bank's interest rate hike and discuss reducing the mortgage pressure on homebuyers.

(Photographed by reporter Xu Zhuoxun)

[Reporter Xu Zhuoxun/Taoyuan Report] The central bank raised interest rates by half a yard (0.125 percentage points) on the 23rd, and the policy rate was raised to 1.875%, a record high in 8 years. 3 yards, in other words, the floor interest rate of the mortgage family will start from 2%. Lin Youchangjin, Minister of the Interior, said bluntly in an interview that the central bank’s interest rate hike is related to the global economic environment. This is an overall economic issue. The relevant strategies will be reviewed and reviewed by the Executive Yuan. How dealers can reduce the pressure of homebuyers.

The National Housing and Urban Renewal Center (Zhudu Center) held the groundbreaking ceremony for the "Tanhai Comfortable Housing" social housing in Tamsui District, New Taipei City. Lin Youchang was invited to attend. After the meeting, he talked about social housing, the housing market, and the central bank's interest rate hike.

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The media asked about the central bank’s 5-degree interest rate hike. Renters are worried that the mortgage pressure will be passed on to the rent, and the rent may rise accordingly.

Lin Youchang said that the rental contract is written in black and white, and the landlord is not allowed to raise the price at will at any time. Everything must be followed by the rental contract. In addition, the Ministry of the Interior is also developing relevant measures to curb the black market for renting houses.

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