Legislators Lai Ruilong (right) and Cai Yiyu (left) of the Democratic Progressive Party held a press conference on the 24th, "Is the probability of oranges turning black untrue? The government should help with compensation, check for fraud, and push for verification."

(Photo by reporter Liao Zhenhui)

[Reporter Lin Xinhan/Taipei Report] Democratic Progressive Party legislators Lai Ruilong and Cai Yiyu held a press conference today titled "Is the probability of oranges turning black? The government should help seek compensation, investigate fraud, and push verification." The game orange company broke out again The in-game chance-type commodity (gacha) false incidents require fair associations and other relevant agencies to investigate and deal with severe punishments as soon as possible.

In this regard, the Fair Association stated that it has opened a case for investigation; the Ministry of Justice also said that if the victim and the agency believe that there is a violation of the provisions of the criminal law for fraud after verification, the prosecutor will initiate an investigation according to the law after filing a complaint and filing a case.

Lai Ruilong pointed out that Gamania’s "Paradise M" game was once tested by the live broadcaster Ding Te at a cost of 4 million yuan, and the chance of kicking its eggs was only 2.2%, which was inconsistent with the official claim of 10%. It was fined 200 yuan by the Fair Fair last year The actual probability of being caught by players in the "New Maple Valley" game again in March this year is inconsistent with the announcement. Obviously, fines are not enough to deter them from continuing to make profits through illegal activities.

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Lai Ruilong said that in 2018, the Korea Fair Association imposed a fine of about 25.54 million yuan on the country's game company Nexon's virtual treasure chest probability and false promotion. Those who are involved shall also be fined up to 25 million yuan in accordance with Article 42 of the Fairness Act.

Lai Ruilong requested the Consumer Protection Division of the Executive Yuan to investigate manufacturers' violations of consumer rights and assist victims to seek compensation from the industry in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law; the Digital Industry Agency, the competent authority of the computer game industry, should also promote the probability of game chance products as soon as possible. Verify the mechanism and strengthen industry self-discipline; as for whether criminal fraud is involved, he also asked the Ministry of Justice to initiate investigations and severely punish illegal activities.

Cai Yiyu also said that the unrealistic odds of game companies are very unfair to consumers. Although game companies are required by law to disclose the odds of winning prizes, there is still no supporting verification mechanism for the fair. Consumers can only spend their own money. It takes so much money to discover the situation of false gastronomy, the fair will have to review it again.

Lai Ruilong added that in September last year, the Ministry of Digital Development and the Consumer Foundation commissioned scholars to promote the "Player Probability Verification Platform". The plan still has no concrete results. Lai Ruilong emphasized that the verification mechanism is the basis for determining whether an operator violates the law. The Ministry of Digital Development should work with relevant agencies to establish a verification mechanism and strengthen management measures as soon as possible, so that the government really has the right to pursue unscrupulous operators. responsibility.

As for the game company’s recidivism, Xu Futian, head of the platform economy group of the Digital Industry Administration, said that next week, the business seeker will explain that a follow-up investigation will be launched. Chen Xinghong, secretary of Ren, said that if there is a violation of the law, a fine of more than 30,000 yuan and less than 500,000 yuan can be imposed, and the punishment can be repeated. The consumer protection officers of the local governments will also assist the victimized consumers to appeal.

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