Former Premier Chen Chong said that the issue of eggs and Blackpink scalpers both involve the application of market rules.

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[Reporter Zheng Qifang/Taipei Report] Chen Chongjin, the former executive dean and current chairman of the New Generation Financial Foundation, said that since the beginning of spring, the topic of lack of eggs has dominated the media every day. One of the hottest topics on the Internet every day is the issue of Blackpink scalpers, with shouts ranging from 8,800 yuan to 40,000, 100,000, and even wildly rumored that the price is 400,000 yuan.

How are these two things related?

In fact, it all involves the application of market rules.

Chen Chong said that Blackpink is a Korean pop group and has a large number of fans in Taiwan. Politicians take into account the votes of young people. If these voters cannot buy tickets, or are exploited by scalpers, it will naturally represent big things, and there are rumors It was rumored that privileged tickets were purchased and public relations tickets were requested, so the Minister of Culture actively turned off the flames, accusing scalpers of snapping up or sweeping tickets, "It is not for personal use and resale for profit, which violates the law on the maintenance of social order and should be punished. Later, it was found that the legal penalty was too light. However, the Ministry of Culture should also think about why the Social Order Maintenance Law did not consider from the beginning that any commercial transactions are "resale not for personal use "Trying profit", why do you only use entertainment tickets?

Are political solutions to economic problems effective?

The same goes for the egg problem.

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From an economic point of view, if there is room and market for reselling tickets for profit, it is very likely that the pricing strategy is wrong (for example, the asking price is too low). Of course, this may cause misunderstandings among fans. too low?

Maybe it can be said that the 100,000 yuan scalper tickets are also sold out?

But this is more of a war of words than a discussion of solutions.

To deal with economic issues, it may be necessary to return to the perspective of business behavior and start from the consumer's mentality, such as combining ticket sales with the management of fans, imitating Japan's usual record of CD purchases, frequency of participation in fan clubs, and other factors to determine the purchase of admission tickets The probability is also a way to reduce the pressure of Box Office spike.

He pointed out that acting or singing is not a resource that can be mass-produced at will. Don't think that if you add another show, you can reach a balance between supply and demand.

In the same way, hens do not have to work night shifts to double their production.

There are many reasons why agricultural authorities explain the problem (not solve it), such as the shortage of laying hens caused by avian influenza, the price of feed is higher than the price of eggs, the molt is not replenished in time, high-density feeding, etc.; but in terms of financial crisis, there is usually an early warning system , When things are imminent, with SOP as the basis for handling, it is not easy to go out of style.

In the same way, factors such as chicken farmers, laying hens, the epidemic situation, and feed should all be mastered theoretically in "advance deployment". Why do market failures occur?

Why can't it be resolved for several months?

Really puzzling, this should be related to price control and non-disclosure of information.

Chen Chong said that Blackpink has come back magnificently, and the scalpers have probably made a lot of money. They never forget to make up for it. Is it because they insist on amending the law and increasing the penalty?

Or an economic solution to a business problem?

As for those who are used to dealing with economic issues with political means, they must remember that the Nobel Prize-winning economics master Milton Friedman said: "We economists don't know much, but we know how to create shortages. For example, if you To create a tomato shortage, all you have to do is legislate no more than two cents a pound of tomatoes, and you’ll have a tomato shortage.” If you don’t get it, Freeman is going to use eggs as an example.

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