Hon Hai Chairman Liu Yangwei (pictured right) recently, as the convener of the Electronics and Electronics Association, accompanied 16 members of the association including Chairman Li Shiqin (in the picture) to the Ministry of Economic Affairs to pay a visit to Minister of Economic Affairs Wang Meihua.

(Provided by Hon Hai)

[Reporter Fang Weijie/Taipei Report] Hon Hai Chairman Liu Yangwei, as the convener of the Electronics Association, recently went to the Ministry of Economic Affairs with 16 members including Chairman Li Shiqin to meet with Minister of Economics Wang Meihua and suggested speeding up the signing of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Taiwan and India ), Liu Yangwei pointed out that India is about to take off, and Taiwan must seize the opportunity.

The Electricity Association put forward a number of proposals on issues such as industry, energy, electric vehicle development, domestic battery cell industry chain, and heavy motor industry, including the establishment of the "Taiwan-India Industrial Cooperation Promotion Office" and the construction of sustainable power and a sound energy storage environment. Provide Subsidy measures for the electric vehicle industry, the establishment of a domestic battery cell industry chain, and the strengthening of the competitiveness of the heavy motor industry. We look forward to bringing sustainable competitiveness to Taiwan's information and communication industry with the assistance of the government.

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Liu Yangwei, who recently returned to Taiwan from India, shared his observations. Liu pointed out that India's "IT" is "India" and "Taiwan". As development partners, many countries are actively rushing into the Indian market, and relevant units should formulate strategies as soon as possible to grasp this opportunity.

The Electrical and Electronics Association also suggested that the government should grasp the key golden period of cooperation with Taiwan and India in the next three years, accelerate the signing of the Taiwan-India FTA, and promote the industrial cooperation model between Taiwan and Japan, and establish a "Taiwan-India Industrial Cooperation Promotion Office" to seize the opportunities for industrial development .

In addition, the Electricity Association also expects the government to assist in the construction and improvement of the electric vehicle industry chain, to ensure the stability of Taiwan's electricity consumption, to break through the bottleneck of the domestic battery industry chain, and to strengthen the competitiveness of the heavy motor industry. , technical department, inspection bureau and other bureau representatives received them, and responded to each topic one by one.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs emphasized that in the future, it will actively think about how to strengthen the interaction and exchange between Taiwan and India. For the development of the electric vehicle industry, the government will start to inject another 390 million yuan in funds next year to invest in the Vehicle Center (ARTC) to support more testing equipment. With regard to the detection of energy, Taipower is still in the process of revising the management measures for renewable energy power generation equipment (the terms of large power consumers), and will announce new terms after they are confirmed.

As for the power shortage problem that the industry is very concerned about, Wang Meihua pointed out that Taiwan has not had a power shortage problem so far; in terms of foreign manpower, the Ministry of Labor has announced the retention standards for foreign mid-level technical manpower, and the number of applications is increasing ; In terms of subsidies for heavy motors, the Ministry of Finance requires a more specific explanation why low-carbon equipment does not meet the requirements of intelligence.

Regarding substantive subsidies for secondary batteries (lithium batteries) produced in Taiwan, the Ministry of Economic Affairs mentioned that because it involves World Trade Organization regulations, there will be difficulties in implementation. Lithium batteries are listed as a major polluting industry, and the industry can only look for Type B industrial land. Question, since the Ministry of the Interior is the competent authority, the Ministry of Economic Affairs will assist the Electricity and Electricity Association to propose amendments to the relevant regulations to the Ministry of the Interior.

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