Toshiba accepted JIP's takeover offer of about 2 trillion yen (NT$460 billion).


[Financial Channel/Comprehensive Report] Japanese home appliance and semiconductor giant Toshiba (Toshiba) accepted an acquisition offer of about 2 trillion yen from Japan Industrial Partners (JIP) on Thursday (23rd). The turmoil of this legendary Japanese company for many years may end here Draw a period.

"Nikkei Shimbun" pointed out that Toshiba made this decision at the board meeting, JIP will implement TOB (public takeover), Toshiba will be privatized, and the estimated acquisition amount is about 2 trillion yen (about NT$460 billion).

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Last month, JIP submitted a legally binding M&A letter. At the same time, the acquisition was also supported by a syndicated loan of about US$10.6 billion (NT$322.4 billion) from several major banks.

The report pointed out that JIP, which is backed by about 20 Japanese companies, intends to buy Toshiba and delist its stock.

"Bloomberg" pointed out that due to the poor economic environment, banks are more cautious about providing funds for large transactions, so the group headed by JIP may face difficulties in obtaining financing.

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