Zhang Yushan, CEO of PChome (from left), Cheng Shijia, CEO of iKala, Li Feifei, the first Sequoia Chair Professor of Information Science at Stanford University, and Tong Zixian, Chairman of Pegatron.

(Photo by reporter Fang Weijie)

[Reporter Fang Weijie/Taipei Report] Tong Zixian, chairman of Pegatron (4938), a major foundry, said today on the issue of artificial intelligence (AI) that Taiwan's industry will naturally find AI in the process of AI development based on its own strengths and looking at the world. For new business opportunities, artificial intelligence may not necessarily form a business model independently. Through the value-added functions it brings, it can find better solutions for customers. I believe that such opportunities are endless.

Tong Zixian said that in the 1980s, when personal computers first sprouted, everyone was very excited. Now some families have more than one computer, and everyone’s computers are connected to form a huge network. Now in the 2020s, computers are connected. Finally, an environment that allows artificial intelligence computing will be formed. After artificial intelligence penetrates into every industry, the industrial structure will undergo fundamental changes.

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Tong Zixian pointed out that 200 years ago, 90% of the people in the world lived on agriculture, and then agriculture became mechanized. Now only 3% of the agricultural population in advanced countries, but not 90% of the people are unemployed. Artificial intelligence depends on a large amount of data Only data can work, but human beings are full of possibilities. Tong Zixian recalled that in the early days of his business, he only had an engineering background and lacked marketing and financial capabilities, but he filled in the lack of related capabilities one by one with enthusiasm and ambition.

Tong Zixian emphasized that if you want to make good use of tools and achieve positive benefits, you must be familiar with the characteristics of the tools themselves, as well as train logical thinking and develop the ability to solve problems in sequence. It's like riding a bicycle for the first time. "This bike can take me to see beautiful scenery. At this time, I will find that the tools are really useful, but don't forget that you have been trained to think logically and solve problems."

Tong Zixian believes that Taiwan’s industry should also seek opportunities to make good use of it from the development of artificial intelligence. At present, from servers to devices in users’ hands, Taiwan’s industry is good at fields. I believe that artificial intelligence will bring more business Opportunity, if the size of the hardware can be made smaller, the heat dissipation is better, and the hardware is turned into software, with super memory and computing power, it is expected to be welcomed by artificial intelligence product designers.

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