Cheng Shijia, CEO of iKala, attended the "AI Progressive" Technology Outlook and Industrial Application Forum today.

(Photo by reporter Fang Weijie)

[Reporter Fang Weijie/Taipei Report] Cheng Shijia, CEO of iKala, a multinational artificial intelligence (AI) digital transformation and data marketing overall solution provider, attended the "AI Progressive" Technology Outlook and Industrial Application Forum today. Cheng believes that although artificial intelligence knows everything , but the focus is on "asking the right questions", which further highlights the importance of natural language education. The trend of lifelong learning will not change because of the emergence of artificial intelligence, and there is no need to worry about unemployment caused by artificial intelligence.

Cheng Shijia said that when generative artificial intelligence (AI) appears, there will be doubts that artificial intelligence may cause human unemployment, but in fact artificial intelligence does not replace human work, but deconstructs and reorganizes industries, which rarely happens in human history. Specific jobs suddenly disappeared, and artificial intelligence can only solve tasks specified by humans. For example, let artificial intelligence help with translation, or humans need to edit by themselves.

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Cheng Shijia said that artificial intelligence relies on databases and computing power. The human brain only needs 25 watts of energy to create powerful things with very limited data. The ability of artificial intelligence is obviously far inferior to that of humans. When using artificial intelligence , the key is that the user should know how to ask the right questions. Natural language is a way of thinking. Artificial intelligence cannot replace or change the logical ability of self-management learned in the process of learning human beings.

Cheng Shijia emphasized that technology is always neutral. When the influence of artificial intelligence has touched every corner of society, the most dangerous issue is not whether human life is better improved, but whether new technologies increase social inequity. The situation of fairness continues to intensify, and society will face disintegration. Therefore, looking at artificial intelligence from a human point of view, on the current fast-moving technological change train, it is necessary to allow everyone to get a ticket as much as possible.

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