Having launched a war against Ukraine, Vladimir Putin pushed the Russian economy under unprecedented sanctions. 

The director of energy programs of the Razumkov Center, Volodymyr Omelchenko, spoke live on the FREEDOM TV channel about the fact that there are two schemes for circumventing sanctions by Russia.

The same can be said about the countries of North Africa, from where a lot of diesel fuel made from Russian oil is now supplied.

These are, first of all, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt.

This is the basic scheme.

But strangely enough, Saudi Arabia, which itself produces a lot of oil and produces oil products, is an important buyer of Russian oil products.

Also according to this scheme, the Saudis simply buy Russian oil products, and then they are already processed and sold at a much higher price on world markets," the expert said.

Recall that, according to estimates by Bloomberg Economics, although

 the Russian economy 

will avoid collapse, it will remain strained and will shrink by 8% by 2026 compared to what it would have been if Putin had not ordered an attack on Ukraine in February 2022.

In November 2022, it became known that a deep recession had begun in Russia.

After all, the volume of production there was reduced for two quarters in a row.

In addition, the situation in the economy worsens due to the announced mobilization.

Earlier it became known that


spent $ 114.4 billion on the war (about $ 10 billion every month) - this is a third of all revenues of the Russian budget for 2021.

The largest amount of money was spent on providing for the military - $36 billion per year.

Another $24.7 billion went to salaries, and $29.1 billion went to compensation for the wounded and the families of the dead.

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