Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Microsoft founder Bill Gates, who has praised ChatGPT since its launch, published an open letter on the 21st titled "The Era of Artificial Intelligence Comes". The 7-page content describes his views on the future of artificial intelligence (AI), potential crises, and predicts that the profession of "teacher" will not be replaced by AI.

According to the "Business Insider" report, Bill Gates believes that developing AI is as important as inventing microprocessors, personal computers, networks, and even mobile phones, and he is also excited about the future development of AI, because AI can not only become the foundation of all mankind. Teachers can also provide medical advice to those who have difficulty accessing medical resources.

At the same time, Bill Gates also admitted that he has many concerns about AI, including human abuse of AI, and the threat of superintelligent AI "establishing its own goals" as technology develops.

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However, Bill Gates believes that AI has played an important role in improving human productivity and improving global workplaces, health care and education inequalities, and further explained that people should regard AI as a personal digital assistant to help improve work. Efficiency, "When people import AI into tools such as Microsoft Office, AI can help people manage and write emails", and pointed out that "AI personal assistant" also has a lot of knowledge and data of the company and industry, which can be used as a resource for employees to communicate .

Bill Gates also mentioned that AI is also very useful in the health care industry. It can not only save medical staff from handling complicated insurance claims, paperwork, and medical records, but also help medical staff in poor countries. Efficiently treat illnesses or provide medical care to patients living in remote areas.

He also revealed that AI is now being used to analyze medical data and design drugs. In the future, it may also help predict drug side effects and calculate drug doses, and even help poor countries design seeds suitable for the local climate and develop vaccines for local livestock. .

In addition, Bill Gates also predicted that AI will change the education industry in the next 5 to 10 years, and will tailor suitable learning content for students according to their learning style, so as to maintain and motivate students' enthusiasm for learning; For teachers, AI can help plan course delivery and assess student learning progress.

However, Bill Gates believes that even if AI is fully developed, the profession of teachers will never replace it, because learning depends on a good relationship between teachers and students.

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