The Bank of England announced an interest rate hike of 1 yard, raising the interest rate to 4.25%.


[Financial Channel/Comprehensive Report] Due to the previous inflation data released by the UK, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) unexpectedly rose to 10.4% in February. Although the banking crisis has not been completely resolved, the Bank of England (23 Day) still announced that it will raise the interest rate by 1 code (0.25 percentage points) to 4.25%.

The Bank of England Policy Committee stated that despite the recent explosion in the global banking industry, the British banking system still maintains sound capital and good liquidity, and has the ability to maintain economic growth in various economic environments such as periods of high interest rates.

They will continue to closely monitor the impact of the financial crisis on credit to households and businesses, as well as on the macroeconomic and inflation outlook.

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The United Kingdom is the first country to announce interest rate hikes following Switzerland and the United States.

Many analysts believe that the banking crisis has eased recently, and the Bank of England has ensured that the British banking system is sufficiently "resilient".

In October last year, the annual growth rate of CPI in the UK was 11.1%, setting the highest record in 41 years. In January this year, the annual growth rate of CPI was 10.1%. Although it fell for three consecutive months, it was unexpected that the CPI rose again in February. The Bank of England raised interest rates by 1 yard on Thursday, in line with market expectations.

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