Amazon has announced that its minimum starting salary will rise by 50p.

(Associated Press)

[Financial Channel/Comprehensive Report] The e-commerce giant Amazon (Amazon) announced on Wednesday (22nd) that it will increase the hourly wages of its British business employees. Pence = 1 pound), reaching 11 to 12 pounds (about 410 to 447 NT dollars) per hour, and this move angered unions demanding wage increases. They believed that Amazon's salary increase was "a kind of insult to employees ".

Hundreds of employees at the Amazon warehouse in Coventry, England, held the latest strike in this year's wage dispute in order to demand higher wages, advocating that the company raise the hourly wage to £15 (about NT$559).

Amazon said hourly wages would rise by 50p to £11-£12 from April.

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Amazon says the minimum wage has risen by 10% in the past seven months, but the GMB, the union for Amazon workers in Coventry, doesn't seem to be paying, saying the company's proposed raise is an insult to workers

Due to the unstable economy, many companies, like Amazon, are cutting costs by laying off workers and maintaining salary balance.

The company laid off 18,000 employees in January, and will continue to lay off workers in the future.

Amazon announced it would lay off another 9,000 people this week.

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