"Runtai Dunfeng" revealed a total of 58 transactions, with a total sales amount of more than 11.4 billion yuan.

(Photo by reporter Xu Yiping)

[Reporter Xu Yiping/Taipei Report] The real price of the first luxury house transaction with a unit price of more than 2 million yuan this year was revealed. Taiwan’s electronic peripheral product manufacturer Chenchuang International rushed to smash more than 400 million yuan to sweep the North City luxury house “Run There are 2 households on the 21st floor of Tai Dun Peak, and the unit price per ping exceeds 2.1 million yuan.

According to the National Commercial and Industrial Registration Publicity Inquiry System, the private legal person Chenchuang International is located in the Department of Internal Medicine. It established its own brand in 2008 and represented many well-known brands around the world. In February, it swept into two households on the 21st floor, one of which had a total price of 221.7 million 10,000 yuan, the number of pings is about 123.83 pings (including 2 parking spaces, about 24.54 pings), after deducting the number of parking spaces and the total price of 8.2 million yuan, the unit price per ping is about 2.15 million yuan; the total price of another household is 186.5 million yuan, The number of pings is 108.60 pings (including 2 parking spaces, about 24.54 pings). After deducting the number of parking spaces and the total price of 8.2 million yuan, the unit price per ping is about 2.121 million yuan.

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Cumulative transactions of 58 households totaled over 11.4 billion yuan

The mansion is located next to Breeze Square in Beishi. It is planned to have 23 floors above the ground and 3 floors underground, with a total of 82 households. According to the information released by the Ministry of the Interior, there have been 58 disclosures, and the cumulative sales amount has exceeded 11.4 billion yuan, the highest total price for a single household. 350 million yuan, the minimum starting price for a single household is 132 million yuan, the highest unit price falls on the 22nd floor, about 2.399 million yuan per ping, and the lowest unit price falls on the 2nd floor households, about 1.597 million yuan per ping.

The real estate industry pointed out that the earliest landlord of the mansion site was Heisong Group, which released the auction in 2012. The listed builder Runtai Innovation bid nearly 8.2 billion yuan, exceeding the reserve price by more than 2.4 billion yuan, and the premium rate exceeded 40%. The unit price per ping of land was as high as nearly 6.1 million yuan, which was a new high for the unit price of the three residential land at that time.

Huang Shuwei, director of Colliers International’s homeowner representative service department, believes that the number of new proposals is limited, and buyers have also entered a wait-and-see period due to real estate speculation and geopolitical conflicts. Luxury real estate transactions have been suffocating since last year, especially after the construction cost has increased significantly. In addition to adjusting product direction, builders have also slowed down the pace of development and sales of luxury homes, which has greatly reduced the bargaining power available for sale. As a result, the transaction situation has returned to the sporadic surplus housing sales period with low volume and high prices.

However, at present, the high-rise mansions in Taipei City are gradually drawing the outline of the skyline. Regardless of the day and night landscapes, lighting and landscaping, they have become the favorite collections of the rich in a low-key way, so the high-rise buildings can maintain high prices.

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