6,000 yuan in cash will be issued to all people. Except for some specific ethnic groups such as those who are receiving labor insurance annuities, they can directly enter the account, and they can also register and enter the account online, or get cash at the counter of ATM or post office.

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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] 6,000 yuan in cash will be given out to all people, and online "registration and entry" will be opened at 8:00 am today (22nd). Log in to the account; 5 days before today (22 to 26 days) the ID card or residence card number will be used for diversion. Today is the first registration with the mantissa "0, 1", and tomorrow is the mantissa "2, 3".

About how to register?

When will it be credited?

Can you take it on your behalf?

This newspaper sorts out QA, allowing readers to "get it easily".

6,000 yuan in cash will be issued to all citizens, and the online registration will be directly deposited into the account.

(The picture is taken from the official website of 6000)

Q1. Who can claim it?

The general cash collection method and credit date.

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There are 5 ethnic groups who are eligible to receive it, including nationals with existing household registration in China (including newborns born in China before December 31, 2012 and with a birth certificate), nationals without household registration who have obtained a residence permit, foreigners who have obtained a permanent residence permit, and Chinese nationals Chinese, Hong Kong, Macao and foreign spouses who have obtained a residence permit (including divorce or death of the spouse, and the residence permit has not been abolished), government agencies stationed abroad for business and family members with Chinese nationality.

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Receive eligibility.

(The picture is taken from the official website of 6000)

Q2. What are the steps to register for direct debit?

There are 5 ways to receive Pufa Cash.

(The picture is taken from the official website of 6000)

Prepare your mobile phone, tablet or computer, the identity card number or residence card number of the person/representative, the account number of the financial institution of the person/representative, and the health insurance card number of the recipient.

The steps are:

1. Enter the official website of 6000, click Register and Account, the URL is "6000.gov.tw".

2. Enter the identity card number or residence card number, financial institution account number, health insurance card number and other information.

3. Confirm the information and send it out.

4. Inquiry will be available on March 28.

In order to ease the registration crowd, from March 22nd to 26th, the people with the last digits of the ID number or residence card number will be used for diversion, and two groups of people with the last digits will be registered every day. From March 27th, no diversion will be made, and all people can register.

Q3. When will it be credited?

"Registration" will start to be collected 5 working days after the third reading of the budget and the announcement becomes effective. The Legislative Yuan will vote on the "Special Budget for Strengthening the Economy after the Epidemic" on the 24th. If it is passed successfully, it will be sent to the Presidential Palace for announcement.

The Ministry of Digital Affairs explained that if the budget comes into effect on March 27 at the earliest, and the fifth business day is April 6, it is expected that people who registered before March 31 will be the first to be credited.

Those who register from April 6 will be credited after "registration date plus 2 days".

Q3. In addition to registration, what other channels are there for collection?

There are also methods such as ATM cash collection, post office cash collection, direct deposit, and distribution of booklets in specific rural areas.

"ATM Cash Pickup" will open on the 14th after the budget takes effect, and "Post Office Cash Pickup" will open on the 21st after the budget takes effect.

It is estimated that ATM pick-up is expected to open on April 10, and post office pick-up will start on April 17; however, the actual start date will be announced by the Executive Yuan.

Regarding the objects of the "direct entry" method, except the originally planned labor insurance annuity, occupational insurance annuity, national annuity (including aboriginal payment), old farmer's allowance (including farmer's retirement savings), labor pension monthly pension, life for the physically and mentally handicapped Subsidies, living allowances for low- and middle-income seniors, placement of young children, etc., will add "supporting veterans at public expense".

In addition, the "book distribution" is limited to Shizi Township, Pingtung County, Wanrong Township, Hualien County, and Jinfeng Township, Taitung County, and will be distributed within two weeks after the budget takes effect; if local people do not receive it within the time limit, they must separately Choose "Register to Account", "ATM Cash Pickup" or "Post Office Cash Pickup".

Q4. Can general cash be collected on behalf of family members?

The recipients are limited to those under the age of 13, and the recipients can take up to 4 persons, including 5 persons themselves.

Nationals who were born in China between October 1 and December 31, 2012 and obtained a birth certificate should have their legal representative go to the post office to collect it on their behalf before January 31, 2013.

Those who are under 7 years old and eligible for distribution should be collected by one of their parents or guardians.

Those who are 7 years old to under 13 years old and meet the eligibility for payment can collect it by themselves, or have one of their parents or guardians collect it on their behalf.

Minors over the age of 13 who meet the eligibility for payment shall choose the method that suits them.

Those who are eligible for issuance under the declaration of guardianship shall receive it on their behalf by one of their parents or guardians.

Q5. Will general cash be included in income?

In accordance with the special regulations on strengthening economic and social resilience after the epidemic and sharing economic achievements for all, income tax is exempted.

Q6. Who can I ask if I have any questions about receiving general cash?

If you have any questions about universal cash distribution, you can call 1988.

Or check the frequently asked questions page on the 6000 official website.

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