Foreign investors let go of buying Taiwan stocks today, buying more than 26.25 billion yuan in Taiwan stocks, and the weighted index of Taiwan stocks rose by 247.01 points.

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[Reporter Zhuo Yijun/Taipei Report] The European and American banking crisis panic has temporarily eased. The European and American stock markets rebounded yesterday. The largest stock to buy is TSMC (2330) with 29,600 shares, and Yuanta Taiwan 50 (0050) with 10,000 shares.

Recently, news of landmines from European and American banks spread frequently. In just 5 trading days, the weighted index once plummeted by nearly 600 points, breaking through the 5th, 10th and monthly lines. As the European and American governments rescued the banking crisis, market panic eased , Foreign capital is simultaneously long Taiwan stocks today.

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The top two stocks that foreign investors bought today are TSMC and UMC (2303). Financial stocks were also resold for buying. Futures long positions increased by 5,156 contracts, and the accumulated net long positions of foreign investors increased to about 17,700 contracts.

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