NCC today (22nd) approved the retail price of Chunghwa Telecom Frozen Upward Generation.

(Photo by reporter Ding Yi)

[Reporter Ding Yi/Taipei Report] After the National Communications and Communications Commission (NCC) re-announced the adjustment factor (X value) of the telecommunications tariff price on the 8th, Chunghwa Telecom can increase the broadband tariff by 0.8%. Accelerating the popularization of broadband in Taiwan and moving towards high-bandwidth will freeze the price increase for generations. NCC has also approved the retail price of Chunghwa Electronics.

NCC pointed out that the monthly retail price of light-generation circuits for Chunghwa Telecom's fixed communication business will not increase; the monthly rental fee for domestic data circuits and other wholesale prices will drop by about 4.53%; The rental fee decreased by about 27.45%.

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Weng Baizong, deputy chairman of the NCC, said that the monthly retail price of Guangshidai Circuit can be adjusted according to the X-value tariff adjustment calculation. Chunghwa Telecom will not increase it to ensure that customers can continue to enjoy high-quality Internet services. It is estimated that users will benefit The number is about 2.69 million, and he also affirms that Chunghwa Telecom can independently freeze the retail price of the light-generation circuit monthly rental fee in consideration of the public's inflation.

According to the NCC, according to the applicable tariff adjustment coefficient (X value) of fixed communication services announced by the NCC, the retail price of the city network business is 2.15%, and the wholesale price is 7.48%. In addition, the 111-year consumption The annual growth rate of the price index (△CPI) is 2.95%.

Therefore, Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd.'s 2012 urban network business light generation circuit service original retail price increase rate should not exceed 0.8% based on the weighted calculation of the Laspey price index formula, and the wholesale price reduction rate should be at least 4.53%.

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