Zeng Wensheng (right), Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, was interviewed by Huang Guangqin (left), the host of News No Celery.

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[Reporter Lin Jinghua/Taipei Report] Zeng Wensheng, Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs and Acting Chairman of Taipower, was interviewed by the program at noon today (22nd). He also admits that the original plan for residential buildings was to freeze and rise below 500 degrees, but at the request of the ruling and opposition legislators, it was changed to 700 degrees, and Taipower shorted 300 million yuan, with little financial impact.

Zeng Wensheng said that this electricity price has been researched for a long time, and "it is hard to figure out which version it is."

But the original spirit includes, first, taking care of people's livelihood, second, not affecting prices, and third, maintaining industrial competitiveness. The biggest premise is that Taipower needs to improve its finances.

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He revealed the inside story. There was a plan to discuss the increase of residential electricity prices above 500 kWh. However, he made inquiries in the Legislative Yuan the day before, and the ruling and opposition legislators all demanded 700 kWh.

Zeng Wensheng also added that after the adjustment, the electricity income will be less than 300 million yuan. He emphasized that the 3% increase in the unit price of residential users is really not much, but it is very important for social benefits.

As for Taipower’s overall financial revenue, the electricity price revenue increased by 76 billion yuan in one year, and by the end of the year it was 60 billion yuan. Zeng Wensheng said that the original estimated loss this year was 278.5 billion yuan, but this is a budget for a 3% increase in electricity prices. This adjustment After an 11% rise, coupled with a drop in fuel expenditures, Taipower's financial losses this year will shrink.

He further explained that about 12% of the overall users and 1.8 million households are affected this time, but the electricity consumption of these users is about 83%, that is, the price increase is apportioned to 83% of the electricity consumption, and each kilowatt-hour of electricity can be moderated as much as possible. reflect costs.

Zeng Wensheng emphasized that this partial adjustment of electricity prices has not been resolved once. "If you take one dose of medicine, you want to solve it all, and the side effects will be even greater."

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