One Piece and IC design are dragging down, and the index rises and converges to stay at 15,500 points (data photo)

[Financial Channel/Comprehensive Report] The 4 major U.S. stock indexes closed in red on Monday. Taiwan stocks led the rebound in electronics and finance today. Industrial stocks also followed suit. The index opened higher and rose more than 100 points. The index reached 15,547 points. The Chaoyue line is moving closer, however, with the adjustment of sell orders for individual stocks such as Sanxiong, Sinosteel, UMC, PSMC, MediaTek, Realtek, etc., the index’s growth rate has converged, and it has stayed at 15,500 points in the intraday.

Senior analyst Xu Bojie said that due to the impact of the European and American banking crisis, financial stocks have become the focus of investors' killing. However, with the temporary lifting of the banking crisis, financial stocks followed suit. Come back, therefore, the performance of electronic weight stocks is average, and there is not much room for short-term index.

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As the market is waiting for the Fed's decision-making meeting and the results of the meeting, the index will fluctuate in a range until the market trend is clear. As long as the index does not break through 15,000 points, the trend will not turn empty.

In terms of operation, it is recommended to focus on the most popular AI, radio frequency IC, energy storage and investment credit stocks at the end of the quarter as the first choice.

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