Polish truckers have announced a protest.

The main reason is dissatisfaction with the fact that they are being pushed out of the market by Belarusian and Russian carriers.

Transport workers have presented a number of demands to the government and promise to start a full-scale strike if they are not met, reports the Polish publication Trans.info.

The organizers of the action are family transport companies of the Lublin Voivodeship and politicians of the "Confederation" party.

Last week, members of the party reported on the difficulties of the transporters at a meeting of the parliamentary group, but there were no statements from the government, and this forced them to start a protest.

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The warning strike is scheduled for March 22.

After the press conference, around 10 o'clock in the morning, the trucks will leave for Warsaw.

They will not enter the capital, but will bypass it.

The action will end at noon.

According to preliminary estimates, about 200 trucks will take part in it:

"The upcoming strike will be a kind of warning," explains one of the organizers,

Rafal Meckler

, a transporter and leader of the "Confederation" in Lublin.

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The protesters have four demands.

The main ones concern competitors from Belarus and Russia, but not all:

  • Ban the entry of Russian and Belarusian vans into Poland;

  • Ban the registration of companies with Belarusian and Russian capital in Poland;

  • To introduce the responsibility of the consignor for the payment of the services of the transport company;

  • Return permits for Ukrainian carriers for two-way transportation.

The demands of the protesters will be presented to the government by representatives of cargo carriers and party members.

The authorities will be given 14 days to implement them.

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