The Ministry of Economic Affairs held the "Joint Signing Ceremony for Military Commercial UAV R&D Subsidies" today.

(Photographed by reporter Liao Jianing)

[Reporter Liao Jianing/Report from Taipei] The Ministry of Economic Affairs held the "Joint Signing Ceremony for Military Commercial UAV R&D Subsidies" today, declaring that military commercial UAVs have officially entered the design and development stage.

Economic Minister Wang Meihua pointed out that this is also a very important part of the independent development of the defense industry mentioned by President Tsai Ing-wen.

In order to build UAV technology and products that meet the needs of my country's military strategy, the Ministry of Economic Affairs signed R&D subsidy agreements with seven UAV companies today. By providing resources, the R&D energy of legal persons and the industry will be gathered to develop 3 types of 5 types of commercial UAV products for military use. System modules and key technologies.

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Wang Meihua said in her speech that the UAV industry in my country was not large in the past. After the Russo-Ukraine War, people from all walks of life saw the remarkable effectiveness of UAVs, and the demand for UAVs also emerged. It is a project that needs to be actively developed in my country's defense industry.

"The country must build its own energy, not only for commercial needs, but also very important for national defense needs." Wang Meihua pointed out that it is expected that after today's signing ceremony, more drone supply chains will be developed and more unmanned vehicles will be driven. Opportunities and business opportunities, whether it is for military use, or the original agricultural spraying, surveillance and logistics purposes.

She pointed out that after the contracted manufacturers produce the first batch in July this year, the Ministry of National Defense will release larger orders one after another to drive production from the demand side and make my country's drones better and better. This is exactly what President Tsai Ing-wen proposed. An important part of the independent development of the industry.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs stated that through the joint signing ceremony of the research and development subsidy, the existing technology and development plan of drones will be exhibited, which also shows the government’s determination to develop the drone industry. gap, and improve the environment for the development of the UAV industry.

Luo Zhengfang, chairman of Jingwei Aerospace, said that Chinese drones have security concerns, and the exclusion of Chinese drone products from the global commercial and military drone markets is an excellent opportunity for the Taiwan team to enter the world market. 

Luo Zhengfang said that the key to unmanned aerial vehicles is the detection equipment and flight control system, and these components require high-end chips mastered by Taiwan. Team and Largan, the world's main force in lens production, as long as they can integrate the Taiwan team, there is no reason why they can't win against other countries.

The selection of military commercial UAVs is carried out by the Ministry of National Defense, which is responsible for specification formulation and procurement, and the Ministry of Economic Affairs is responsible for the selection and research and development subsidies.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs "A+ Enterprise Innovation R&D Quenching Program - Military Commercial UAV Development Plan" guides and selects manufacturers to jointly develop system modules for military commercial UAV products (such as battery modules, flight control modules, electric push modules) groups, application function modules, avionics and communication modules, etc.) and key technologies.

Manufacturers eligible for R&D subsidy contracts include Zhifei Technology, Jingwei Aerospace, Evergreen Aerospace, Shentong Information Technology, Ziqiang Engineering, China Optoelectronics Intelligent Robot, and Fullland Technology. At present, the research and development subsidy from the Ministry of Economic Affairs has been obtained. In order to avoid repeated investment of subsidy resources, no plan application has been submitted this time.

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