3M's latest "Global 2023 Science Status Index" is open! Chinese people are highly concerned about sustainability and science issues. The picture shows Tong Henlius, Managing Director of 3M's Taiwan subsidiary.

(Photo by reporter Zhang Huiwen)

〔Reporter Zhang Huiwen/Taipei Report〕The Taiwan subsidiary of American business 3M announced today (21) the analysis report of the "3M Global 2023 State of Science Index (SOSI)" analysis report, which included Taiwan as a key research object for the first time this year. Managing Director Tong Henlius said that the survey found that Chinese people pay more attention to many sustainable and scientific issues than other regions in the world.

Tong Henlin pointed out that the survey results found three major characteristics, first, 92% of Taiwanese believe that science can help reduce the impact of climate change.

Taiwanese place emphasis on increased natural disasters (72%), climate change (72%) and extreme weather (71%); 91% of Taiwanese (compared to 82% globally) are concerned that global warming will displace people, with climate The outlier is earthquakes (95% vs 79% globally).

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2. People in Taiwan agree more than other countries in the world (90% vs. 75% globally) that AI is a new technology that can affect daily life, and they expect AI to help create a more sustainable future.

Third, the whole nation is moving towards the 2050 net zero carbon emission goal.

93% of Taiwanese (compared with 89% globally) believe that the transportation industry should use more sustainable transportation methods, and compared with other countries in the world (85% vs. should be an electric or hybrid car; meanwhile, Taiwanese are more receptive to sustainable building materials/new technologies, believing in building materials that are resistant to natural disasters (41% vs. 36% globally), environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional building supplies ( 39% versus 44% globally) can help reduce environmental impact.

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