Banker Anna Zolotko predicts that this week, with a high probability, the exchange rate will be

in the range of 38.3 - 39.1 hryvnias per dollar.

Zolotko made such a forecast for Channel 24. 

She added that by the beginning of this week, the hryvnia cash rate had stabilized in the range of

38.75 - 38.85 hryvnias per dollar and currently remains

in this range. 

"This week, with a high probability, we should expect a multidirectional movement of the exchange rate. At the same time, the value of the American currency, in my opinion, will be in the range of 38.3 - 39.1 hryvnias per dollar," she believes. 

The banker explained that the exchange rate correction, which began on Monday, was caused by a slight increase in demand after a rather long and deep decline in the value of the dollar on the cash market.

However, there is no reason to talk about excitement in the market.

"The difference between the buying and selling rates of the American currency, even despite the change in the trend, remains extremely low, on the verge of profitability. This, on the one hand, indicates the absence of more or less serious imbalances on the market, and on the other hand, the probability of a rate reversal at any moment ", she emphasized.

As a reminder, the National Bank of Ukraine set the official exchange rate of the dollar at UAH 36.56 on March 20.

Yes, the euro 

became more expensive, the dollar exchange rate is stable.

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