USI, a subsidiary of ASE, joins hands with private equity funds to deploy in the automotive wireless field (file photo)

[Reporter Hong Youfang/Hsinchu Report] Huanxu Electronics, a subsidiary of ASE Investment Holdings (3711), a leader in packaging and testing, announced that it will jointly acquire TE Connectivity (TE Connectivity) through its wholly-owned subsidiary Huanhong and private equity fund Phi Capital. )'s Hirschmann Car Communication (Hirschmann), to expand its layout in the Internet of Vehicles and further strengthen its strength in the automotive field.

The acquisition is a joint venture between Huanhong Electronics, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Huanxu Electronics, and Ample Trading, a subsidiary of Phi Capital, to establish an SPV company to acquire Hirschmann at an overall valuation of US$48 million.

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Through this acquisition, ASE Investment Holdings will help USI expand its product design and technical advantages in the field of automotive electronics, strengthen its strength in the Internet of Vehicles and V2X technology, and serve global automotive industry customers. Hirschmann's capabilities in manufacturing, branding and service enable better cost management and improve operational efficiency.

Zhuoyi Capital stated that private equity funds are deeply involved in new automotive technologies such as electric vehicles, semiconductors, and smart manufacturing; the founding partner and CEO Wang Yongxiang (Andy Wang) and the main team have extensive experience and networks in the international automotive and technology industries. It is also committed to obtaining international automotive supply chain resources, integrating Taiwan's industrial advantages, and providing the best future automotive technology solutions. In the global trend of automotive electronics, it plays an important role in the cross-border integration of the traditional electronics industry in the automotive industry. Provided strong support for this acquisition.

Hirschmann is one of the world's leading suppliers of automotive antennas, focusing on providing automotive network solutions, with excellent product design and development capabilities and experience.

The company is headquartered in an important city in the automobile industry in Germany, and has production bases in Germany, Hungary and other places, and its customers include major automobile giants.

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