Tong Zixian, chairman of Pegatron (4938), talked about the issue of domestic electricity price hikes today.

(Photo by reporter Fang Weijie)

[Reporter Fang Weijie/Taipei Report] Tong Zixian, chairman of Pegatron (4938), talked about the increase in domestic electricity prices today. He joked that he ate "honest bean paste buns" and bluntly said, "Tell you honestly that Taiwan's electricity prices are too cheap."

Tong Zixian pointed out that energy is often distorted into a confrontation between the two parties. It is not an easy decision for politicians to raise electricity prices. Don’t go up.” In the past, the “both gas and electricity increases” during the Malaysian government made the legislators of the same party jump their feet. In the end, the practice of freezing electricity prices became “a waste of nothing.”

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Tong Zixian said: "Taiwan's exports are so booming. If electricity is used to subsidize, is it right or wrong? So many foreign businessmen set up data centers, but they did not promote local employment. They just used Taiwan's low electricity price. , but you have to subsidize hundreds of millions a year.”

Tong Zixian mentioned that President Tsai, who is now in power, once said during his election campaign that electricity prices would not rise for 10 years, but the issue of energy is definitely not something that any party or faction should face, but the whole people. Taipower And CNPC's losses have exceeded a defense budget.

Regarding the government’s active promotion of natural gas power generation, Tong Zixian mentioned that many people would say that it was because of the Ukrainian-Russian War that the price of natural gas soared. For this time, and the price index of each period has not been restored, the war is only an inducement.

Although natural gas can quickly generate electricity, its price fluctuates greatly, and its carbon emissions are serious.

Tong Zixian quotes that according to the data released by the International Energy Agency, the global carbon-free power generation ratio is approaching 40%, Taiwan’s progress is seriously behind, and it will only reach 20% in the future. It is relatively close to international standards. "Don't keep saying that the proportion of domestic nuclear power is very small. Nuclear four may be controversial, but the total of nuclear one to nuclear three can be close to 15%."

Tong Zixian reiterated that the current public enemy of mankind is carbon emissions and global warming. "You have worked hard for many years (the ratio of power generation without carbon emissions) to reach 20%, and the progress is still behind. If you continue to abolish nuclear weapons in the next year, Taiwan will not emit emissions. About 10% of carbon power generation is left, and Taiwan’s carbon tax will be dizzying.” Tong has sought out an authoritative third-party trial calculation. Based on the current development situation, Taiwan’s carbon tax in the future will be about 200 billion to 400 billion yuan.

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