Taipower explained that the Shezi area has been fully restored at 8:50 tonight. The cause of the power outage was the failure of the wall bushing of the Shezi substation.

(Provided by Taipower)

[Reporter Liao Jianing/Taipei Report] There was a power outage in the Shezi area of ​​Taipei City tonight. Taipower stated that all power was restored at 8:50 tonight.

Taipower stated that at 7:41 tonight, due to the failure of the bushing through the wall of the Shezi substation, in order to protect the safety of other equipment and personnel, the line automatically activated the protection relay action to cut off the power supply, affecting the feeder lines of the Shezi and Shilin substations. , causing about 29,302 households in Shezi, Shilin, Shipai, Beitou and other areas of Taipei City to experience power outages.

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Taipower stated that immediately after the incident, the power supply was transferred in stages, and the power was restored one after another. The feeder line of the Shilin Substation was transferred within 2 minutes and the power was restored immediately; the feeder line of the Shezi Substation was also synchronized from the neighboring Bailing, Xiandu, Substations such as Shipai, Shilin and other substations resumed their feeder transfers one after another. Nearly 90% of the power was restored within one hour, and all power was restored at 20:50.

According to Taipower, the wall bushing is because the live wire must pass through the cement wall of the building from outside the wall to enter the substation room. In order to prevent the live conductor from contacting the cement material of the wall, a bushing (wall bushing) will be used. , to isolate it from the building.

Taipower expressed its deep apology for the inconvenience caused by the outage to users, and will continue to strengthen the inspection and maintenance of line equipment and strive to reduce the occurrence of power outages.

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